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Jan 9, 2004
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This is a rocket that I have been playing with in Rocksim. It will fly on one of my Sugar Motors. I will probably start building within the month. What do you all think...

I wish I could post a comment, but nope. I don't have the full version of Rocksim, and therefore can't look at this picture. :( Would you mind posting a screenshot of the rocket so those without Rsim can see the rocket?

Very nice design. I think I would even paint it the same as you have it in the model!:D
I also think I'm going to paint it the same way - just becaues I like to colors :)

As for an engine, I have a K264 or a L 784 that I will put into her. It will be a couple months before she flies, about a month for completion of the rocket. And then I have to find the paint :) Maybe going to Home Depot for some enamel and match to the colors. :)

Here is a screen shot of the rocket :)