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Dec 31, 2016
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Finally got photos from different devices all on my PC. Will try to post some for the first time. Still learning how to use this forum, but I got help from you all showing me how. Photos are rocket from my L1 and L2 cert flights, I used same rocket for both flights and then some. After becoming L2, I launched same rocket with a Areotech K270 and lost it for 3 months. After crops got harvested in the fall I went back looking for it and found it with no damage!! I was one happy camper! Its a PML 2.56 inch fiberglassed phenolic airframe with a 54mm motor mount. It has a HD mobius camera with telemetry (Telemetrum). The black rocket is my future L3 cert rocket with a gopro 4 and a telemega altimeter backed up with a Raven 3. It also has RF tracking and a GPS tracker as well. I am not going to lose this one!! Its a 4 inch PML fiberglassed phenolic airframe with a 75mm motor mount. It has allready been flown once on a CTI L820 succesfully. Have good video of lake michigan from 10K feet. Speed was just under Mach 1.
Level Up1.jpgHappy Camper.jpgSlipstream2.jpgSlipstream Window.jpg
Nice looking rockets! Is that mud on your L1-L2 bird? I also lost my L2 rocket on the Lucerne dry lake bed in California, never found after several searches.:sad:
Really like the window you put in the black rocket, what did you use for that?
Nice looking rockets! Is that mud on your L1-L2 bird? I also lost my L2 rocket on the Lucerne dry lake bed in California, never found after several searches.:sad:
Really like the window you put in the black rocket, what did you use for that?
Yes, thats mud from laying in the dirt and getting rained on for 3 months. In the midwest we launch in farmers fields and it is easy to lose your rockets when they get out of sight and your tracking device fails. Hope to make it out your way one day to see some really big stuff. Like Black Rock. The window is made out of .060 nomex. It bends easily to wrap around the airframe and is really clear for camera to look through. Sorry about your lost rocket. I got really lucky to find mine undamaged. Made me realize the need for some kind of tracking device.
Can you take a closer-up picture of that Mobius holder and perhaps describe it a bit more? Looks like you built your own? I like the 'nose cone' for it. :) Glad you got the rocket back!
Sure. Im working 12 hour days and have to work the weekend, so time is limited right now. Give me a couple of days and I will take some close ups of the lens, camera mounting, and of course the nose cone which was made from an oak dowel rod shaped on a belt sander.
Here are some pics of the camera housing. Built this rocket solely for the purpose of getting my L1 and L2, almost on same day. Then I could play with the 54mm stuff. L1 flight was on a Aerotech I284, (38mm) and the L2 flight was on Aerotech J350. (38mm) I built in this rocket motor ejection for a backup for the drouge chute. Only used it for the small stuff (L1 and L2 flight) and never used it again. I rely on the Telemetrum for my duel deploy setup. If you dont want to use motor ejection, then you can use the entire inside of the airframe to hold the camera. Mine is mounted inside a 38mm Phenolic Tube to protect it from exhaust gasses. The mobius camera allows you to remove the lens from the plastic case and mount it elsewhere. They sell a cable (about 8 inches long) that will connect to your lens and jump it over to the camera case, allowing you to mount lens wherever you want. I mounted mine in a 29mm phenolic tube. The lens is epoxyed in a 1/4 inch piece of balsa wood and that is epoxyed into the tube. I wish I would have angled the lens just a few degrees from vertical away from the airframe as the airframe tends to hog up some of the screen. Make sure everything is right before epoxying, as there is no going back. I used small screws and epoxy to hold the lens tube onto the airframe. I was unsure if a 54mm motor would try to rip the housing right off the airframe. After many flights with a K1275, I believe the screws are not necessary. But I would wrap a piece of fiberglass around lens tube and epoxy joint where the tubes meet. You can see how rusted the nuts are from sitting out in the elements for 3 months. Should have used stainless. I have video from every flight that I made but files are kinda large and may take forever to load. Shooting at 720P at 60 fps for a 5 minute flight. Would be happy to send you a flash drive (USB) with one of the flights so you can see how it looks. I epoxyed down the ribbon cable inside the lens tube so it would not come unplugged during flight. If you have any more questions about anything, just ask.

Lens Tube.jpgNose Cone.jpgLens.jpgUnder Nose Cone.jpgCamera Housing Cover.jpgCamera Housing Tube.jpgCamera Housing Tube 2.jpgCamera Housing.jpg