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Mar 8, 2009
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I was assigned to Ft. Sill, OK last year for over three months.

During my short stay I couldn't help but go to the museum and check out the rockets & missiles on display outside. It's a crying shame to see all that history in such disrepair & starting to rot away.

Enjoy the photos.

ADA Battery.JPG

ADA Battery Hawks 01.JPG

ADA Battery Hawks 02.JPG

ADA Battery Hawks 03.JPG
I do have quite a few more pictures. This is just a sampling.
So, if any one rocket or missile intrests you, I can send them email, just let me know.

Ft Sill Museum 01.JPG

Ft Sill Museum 03.JPG

Ft Sill Museum 05.JPG

Ft Sill Museum 08.JPG
Please excuse my friend in the previous photographs, he got carried away while comparing notes with the Lil' Jon....

Ft Sill Museum Pershing 01.JPG

Ft Sill Museum Pershing 02.JPG

Ft Sill Museum Pershing 07.JPG

Ft Sill Museum Pershing 09.JPG
Like I mentioned, this is just a random samping of the photos I took.
I did try to take close ups & get some detail of a few of these. Keep in mind I'm more of a sport scale builder. I also know that most of these rockets are well documented in greater detail in other publications.
If you are going through Oklahoma though, stop at Ft. Sill & check it out, it's worth it. 'cause as you see here, you can climb all over these & touch the detail.

Ft Sill Museum SGT 02.JPG

Ft Sill Museum WASP 05.JPG
Nice shots Scott! Huh! I live 30 miles from Lawton/Ft Sill and never knew that museum was there. We took Boy Scouts over to Ft Sill several times, and they always take us through the old fort church and horse stables area--I need to get over there!
I do have quite a few more pictures. This is just a sampling.
So, if any one rocket or missile intrests you, I can send them email, just let me know.

If? IF? IF???? IF !!?!

What's the matter with you?!!!????? Get those pix burned onto a CD and post a note here how much you want for a copy. (I have a ton of mailer boxes I could offer you but it's probably not worth it to ship them.)

Seriously, it is great that you are willing to share, I compliment and commend you for that, but by the time you sqeeze them down to fit the size limits you will start losing detail. Any of us "serious" collectors (that is, scale nuts) will want copies full size, the best you have.

So, PM me the price and your mailing address today and I will send you payment in the mail tomorrow!
Ahhh I was in Ft. Sill for basic training 9 years ago!
Are there any Patriot missile more particular the PAC3 missile displayed?
When I left Ft.Bliss,tx. the pac3 was still in its infant stages.
David - The rockets are on display east of the museum, just west of I-44, not too terribly far from the stables.

PowderBurner - PM sent

Evo - No. sorry I didn't see a patriot while I was there last year.
Identification, please. Which one is this?


Also, nice shot of the Corporal in your third post!

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I believe that is correct

It is missing the control tabs at the tips of the aft fins
Boy do I agree with Powderburner:
Please put your photos on a CD: I'd be happy to send you a mailer and some bucks for a copy.

Yes the Rocket in the second set of pics is a Redstone missile.

I believe the missile in the 4th pic of your 3rd set is not a little John missile but a Lance missile and launcher. Little Johns are just that "Little" with a light weight tag-along trailer type launcher.

one more little correction: the Truck mounted missile in the 2nd set and shown again from the rear in the 5th set is a Lacrosse Missile.

XM34_ Little John & mobile launcher_06-07.jpg

Lance Missile & Launcher-a_M667_ West Germany_1978-92.jpg

Lance Missile & Launcher-b_M667_ West Germany_1978-92.jpg

lacrosse & Truck sideview USMC_1959.jpg

Wasp-S_b&w Photo Huges Labs_1983.jpg
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Yep, busted, that's a Lance alright....

My next-door neighbor was a Lance Missle crewman; the last Lance Missle Battery in the US Army. He tells me it was the american scud, which we all know is true.
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