Photos from LUNAR 2004/04/17

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Jan 21, 2009
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here are some photos from LUNAR Snow Ranch launch on Saturday. Enjoy!!!
Paul's Arcas on an H motor. (Paul builds awesome Saturn Vs and is a major inspiration for us.)
The Skeeter rides again!! Gotta love those Cesaroni motors. no bs from the igniters and they go right up there.

sorry about the yellow fin and yellow grass in this picture.
here's Aidan with his Flis Cheetah painted rainbow colors.

Yes that is a Christa McAuliff school sweatshirt. anybody get it???
OK, here is my daughter Diana's "Super Blue Streak". nothing like 3x BT60s and an E9-6 to make the young lady happy.

(this is a 3x upscale of the Apogee Blue Streak.)
Here is the Flis Cheetah heading up on a B6-0. Aidan is usually the one who sees everything but Saturday the B6-6 sustainer got away from him. Tears were shed until the girls found the rocket!!!
here is the LOC Caliber ISP on a J350. the Cesaronis motors rock but the J350s are the bedrock! This picture clearly shows the wind-up; the pitch was to 5209' which was not quite a mile high and at 71' different was not even closer Mr First Place Mr. Joe Heckenbach at 5315'!!! In style and grace.
perhaps a better picture, the I161 flame here is more developed than the J350 above. the I161 carried the LOC Caliber to 28xx feet, enough to calibrate the sim for the J350 flight. I thought.

anyways, the wife gets super double extra points for the awesome rocket pix!!!
Great pix!

You shouldn't have said anything about the yellow fin on the 'squito... My first thought was that it stripped a fin on boost! LOL

Love the Cheetah! paint job! "Lions, Tigers and Rainbow Cheetahs!, Oh my!" :D
Wow, those are some great pics.
I'm going to have to start saving some of these and make a screensaver. Great shots. Looks like you all had a great day.
Thanks for sharing.


Oh, and I don't get the shirt thing, care to explain?
the shirt thign: my kids go to "Christa McAuliff School"; she was the teacher-astronaut in Challenger.

post here or email me if you want a hi-resolution copy of any of the pix.

maybe we ought to make a "best of TRF" zip file full of screensaver pix!!
I should be ashamed for not knowing that name. My memory just isn't what it used to be. :rolleyes:
I still have a framed pic of all the Challenger Astronauts that I cut out of my school's weekly reader after the tragedy.