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Jan 18, 2009
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I decided to make a couple of downscale Phoenix models loosely based on the Estes kit. I only had a set of instructions so I got my measurements from it and scaled down from there.

The nose cone on the kit was the same one they used on the big V2 so for the BT-55 version I used a BNC55F which Estes used on their old original V2 kit. I rounded the nose slightly. For the BT-50 version I used a cone that I had lying around. It isn't quite right but no-one will notice when it's hanging 60 ft. off the ground in a tree ;) .

The BT-20 version and the BT-5 version use cones that I made myself. I sure they are not quite accurate but, for me, they do the trick:)
So here is another picture of the small one next to a mosquito.

What are the chances that I will ever see it again after the first launch:rolleyes: .
I used the decal scan from Jim Z's site and then printed them at the reduced scale for each body tube size onto inkjet decal paper.


still working on getting a nosecone for a few of mine...
Those are some nice looking rockets. I like them.

Is that a 1/2 size (BT-55) downscale? If so, the BNC55F that you can get from BMS is a pretty close match. You will need to sand the point down to blunt it a little.

I love the looks of the Phoenix also!
Now you need to make a MMX and then start upscaling! Polecat makes a nice 5.5" version for the first round of upscaling, or you can continue your trend of scratch-building. It looks like it's done pretty well for you so far!

The little one is only 6" long but it's a 13mm rocket.

I figure it's lost on first launch unless I use a 1/4A engine. Maybe I be able to find it then.