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Jan 17, 2009
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My old Phoenix suffered a bit of an accident, and I couldn't get the bT length from it. Does anybody happen to have the total BT length, so I can get this rebuilt? I have 2 radically different measurements for the BT-80 version. One is 21.5 inches and the other is 32 inches.

I'm more inclined to go with the 21.5 figure. I think the 32 figure is total length.

I scratch-built a Phoenix to this plan last year as a 2-stage. It flew successfully the first time on D-12-0 booster + D-12-3. The second time it ejected the booster motor but not the fin can resulting in a burnt out motor tube. The flame from the sustainer motor was very impressive! Inexplicably the nosecone failed to separate and it came in ballistic. The nosecone was pushed all the way in to the destroyed baffle but the rest of the rocket was basically intact.
Before I had a chance to rebuild it a friend in TV production called me looking for a "damaged" model rocket as a prop in the children's show Prank Patrol. I suggested the wrecked Phoenix but he said he needed something that didn't look like a missile. So I painted the fins and nosecone bright yellow and the body fluorescent orange and brought it around. He bought the rocket for $40.00:) that was more than the parts cost, sweet! Ted
The Estes Phoenix (1380) calls for two body tubes in BT80. One 14" and the other 7.6".

You can do the math.