Phobos X-1A. My fourth kit

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Sep 1, 2009
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Now that I'm finished with the X-15 Delta, and making up kit parts, I'm back to this concept. It's my own design. Based on the Titan and a few other NASA configurations.

She's BT-60 sized. 22.5 inches long. Will come in two forms. Straight booster and the other with the glider.

This is something I wanted for myself but decided why not add it to the kit line. It couldn't hurt. so this makes kit number 4.

I experimented today with designing paper wraps in Photoshop and I'm pleased with results. I still have the SRBs and the glider to do yet. Make the molds on the nose cones, Design SRB fairings. Even one for the main tank at the bottom making it over 22.5 inches in the end.

I started this a while back when I had some down time with the V-2. So don't get to thinking I did this all today. But here's my progress so far. It won't be long before this one is ready next.

After this kit I'm taking a break to make some BT-60 based Mercury and Gemini capsules to offer separately. It will be nice to see how you guys use them. I smell titan's on the event horizon!





...................and love your website.

From a quick look at things on youtube, it looks like resin casting my not be too hard to try? Or am I seriously deluded (which would not be the first time)?
Bone Daddy thanks.

Try it. You can do it.

In my continuing quest to become mediocre at everything I try before I die ...........

Can you make any recommendations on which brands/products to use?
Alumilite Tan has always worked good for me. Also use GI 1000 silicone for molds although the Alumilite stuff does work.

You have to pour the resin in the molds and rotate the mold in your hand moving it down toward the opening and back again to the top. When you see it start to thicken up end it quickly and let it drain out. You lose some but the result is a nice even surface inside. Then repeat one more time for strength. A third if you need it to weight more. It takes a few tries or practice so don't get discouraged if it comes out like crap the first time. You will get it and when you do you'll be styling!

Hope that helps,

Thanks John.

A bit more done today. The wraps work pretty well but need some adjustment on the glider.

She needs the shrouds on the SRBs and one on the main. More paper wrap work there.

The glide get more paint and black trim. But it's getting there. I should wrap this up within the week. Then to test the booster alone. Test drop the glider although I have the CG and she glides well enough across the room.

More soon.




Made up the fairings or shrouds for the SRBs and the main today.