phlexible phenolic vs. phenolic body tubes

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Apr 7, 2004
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Cast your votes. What do you all prefer? Advantages, disadvantages?
Although I've never used it, this is what I am told.


Strong, yet cracks easily since it is very brittle. It's still liable to cracking even with glassing - but it's your best choice of material for MMT tubing for most HPR motors up to L or M.

Phlexible Phenolic:

Not as brittle as regular phenolic because it is half paper tube, half phenolic, in essence. The layers are alternated as the tube is laid up.

I'll throw Giant Leap's microseam phenolic into the mix. Same as PML's phenolic except the seam is considerably smaller--meaning it should be much easier to get a smooth finish. It's about the same price as PML's as well.

Phlexible phenolic seems to be a kinder, gentler phenolic :p Seams are huge but it definitely seems to be a good middle ground between paper & phenolic tubes. FWIW, when you cut it, you can clearly see how far the resin is impregnated into the paper from each side. Neat stuff.