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Jan 20, 2009
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Did a build for the ROC Roctober Launch, called Peter,Peter...

The top is a 10" diameter hollow pumpkin with a lid with a strobe attached.

At apogee, ' Peter, Peter.. loses his head, the pumpkin and a section of body tube come off, the parachute is in the body tube below the pumpkin. The parachute pulls a release pin that makes the lid come off, releasing what is inside of the pumpkin.

At Roctober Peter, Peter... was launched as a night launch with 200 or so light stick bracelets in the pumpkin. The pumpkin was glowing pretty britely from all the glow sticks. Perfect flight to about 1500 feet on an I300. All the glow sticks came out at apogee, looked cool as they flowed out. All the kids went racing by me as I walked out to recover. By the time I got to the rocket, every glow stick bracelet had been recovered by the kids.

Cool Flight, plan to do it again at the Novemeber Rocstock at Lucerne Dry Lakebed.

peter peter 2.jpg

peter peter 3.jpg

peter peter 1.jpg
Forget air cannons and trebuchets I think we have a new device to take the "pumpkin chunkin" championship...How far you think an "M" motor would carry a pumpkin?
that is just great! can't wait to see it in November.