Personal Launch Report - 2017 March Tripoli Las Vegas Springfest, Jean Lake, NV

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Dec 14, 2010
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Northern California, USA
Took a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy Tripoli Las Vegas' Springfest. Been trying to work this in for years and with the new higher wavier call in windows it was time for me to take a trip.

l1.jpg l0.jpg l3.jpg

Great weather except for a windy spell Saturday afternoon. Well organized launch, walk up get check out and launch. High alt launch windows scheduled each day for flights over 4,700 ft.

l4.jpg l5.jpg l7.jpg

Nice crowd and a couple of vendors on site. Jean Lake bed is close to town and easy access from road on South side close to Jean (don't use North road due loose sand - that entrance has sign saying Jean/Roach Lake and large iron sign post, use the entrance about two miles south).

r3.jpg r1.jpg r4.jpg

Six flights for me and a night flight.

Video of my flights and sight seeing in Vegas at the end.


Really enjoyed it, worth the drive.