Pershing Missile from Orlando headed to Missouri

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Jan 17, 2009
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Way back in 2006, there was this discussion about a display round
at a VFW post here in Orlando-

Well, it made the front page of the paper this morning. The parts are
on the way to Jackson, MO for restoration and a decade of display...

A sidebar mentioned in the online article- in the 1960's the missile had a
short stint on display at the Orlando Sentinel offices. There was a file
photo, but I couldn't find it online.

PHOTO CREDIT: Joe Burbank, Orlando Sentinel

View attachment OS-Pershing.pdf



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A few years back, when I was in Orlando with the family, I made it a point to drive across town to that VFW hall to look for that display. It wasn't there. Hmmm.

Anyway, it is kinda difficult to tell from those pix but I have to wonder if that was ever an "actual" missile (that was safed) or if that was just a dummy display "shape." There are a few things about it that don't quite ring true...

Has anyone gotten to see this particular piece of hardware up close and personal?
Has anyone gotten to see this particular piece of hardware up close and personal?

I photographed the display back in 1999.
A few fins were missing.
Also displayed was a horribly painted Bullpup.

That same week I was able to tour the Cape Canaveral AFS rocket garden and spend some time in the storage area for all the bits and pieces of the museums Pershing that had toppled over due to a hurricane.

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