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Reed Goodwin

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Jan 18, 2009
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Does anyone know of somewhere I can find a database of Performance Rocketry components to use in Rocksim, or even enough data to enter it manually into the Rocksim database (weights, nosecone dimensions, etc.)? I'm working on a project in RockSim that will have mostly FG parts, so I'm trying to make my life easier.
I had to do the same thing when I started designing my upscaled Nike-X which uses 7.5" PR components. I couldn't find weights anywhere so I used the published ID and OD of the tubing to define a new tube and specified the material as G10 fiberglass in Rocksim. I created the nose cone and assumed it was the same wall thickness as the airframe tubes. When I got the actual parts, I weighed them and updated the Rocksim database. If you are building with 7.5" components, I can provide actual data for those once I get home; otherwise, you could follow the same process I did. The weights were not far off as I recall.
Thanks, Larry! Yeah, if you don't mind sharing the weights for the 7.5" cone, I'd appreciate it. I created new tubes for all the tubes they offer as that wasn't too bad. The nosecones are the most confusing since I didn't really know where to begin with wall thickness. I like your idea, though.
PR 7.5" NC : 38.54" L x 7.708" OD , Shoulder : 8" L x 7.518 OD wt 65.2 oz

PR 7.5" airframe tubing 36" L x 7.708" OD x 7.518" ID wt 94.4 oz

PR 7.5" coupler tubing 16" L x 7.518" OD x 7.33" ID wt 34.2 oz
EMRR has Rocksim files for several of PR's kits. I cannot attest to their accuracy since I don't own any of the kits in question. Try them out and see if they can help. If you find errors, fix them then resubmit. That way the files will be more accurate for everyone.

Here is the list of Rocksim files.