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Performance Rocketry 4" Little John Parts

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Jan 23, 2009
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More fun from the basement...

All the parts needed for a 4" Performance Rocketry Little John. Molded FG fin can, 21.875" of convolutely wound G10 tubing, 5:1 Ogive clamshell FG cone, 12" of G12 76mm motor tubing, 4x Ply CR's, and a 7" phenolic coupler.

As the pics show, the parts are used. The fin can looks bad due to the flaking paint but it's completely intact structurally. The tube has a few holes in it that will need filling. The cone is in good shape, but has some shear pins rattling around inside. The coupler, motor mount tube and CR's are brand new. Assume all parts need some TLC, but they're still long OOP and scarce!

I don't even know what to ask for as a price, so shoot me an offer if you're interested. Please let me know if your offer includes shipping or if you're willing to pay actual shipping (I assume $15-25 depending on destination).

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