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Apr 7, 2004
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Anyone have trouble with this store? I ordered some e-matches from them 2 weeks ago. After one week had passed, and no package, I called the owner up and he said he thought he was out, but found some. I clearly remember him saying he had over a hundred of them in stock when I ordered! He also said he shipped it that day via USPS Priority Mail because he was late, eventhough I had already paid for Priority Mail. So another week has gone by, and still no package! I need the ematches for a big Veteran's Launch at my school this Thursday.

Coincidentally I met Ken of Performance Hobbies yesterday at our club launch. I can tell you the following:
He is a very nice guy, has a ton of cool rocket stuff, and is very knowledgable. He also is a bit disorganized. You might want to call him again and confirm shipment. I'm sure he isn't doing anything malicious, but that doesn't help you get your igniters.....a followup call might help.

He was great yesterday.
ive heard good things about performance hobbies. i've also heard that their shipping time is a little extensive, but it gets there.
Also remember that Ken is on the road a lot, Many times he takes your order on the road ;). So that means he can not ship your order till he gets back to his shop if he is on a road trip to and from a launch. Ken Allen is good. Be patient, you will get your stuff :).
I ordered an H220T reload from him last week and sent out a MO, I came home today and he had left a message on my answering machine saying that it was going to ship out today and that I should have it by Wednesday so we'll see.
I placed orders on the previous 2 Mondays, one came on the following Friday (4 working days) and one on the following Monday (today, 6 days not counting Sunday). Just a data point.

I agree Ken is a good guy, and very knowledgeable.
Okay thanks guys. He may have had to ship the package via ground instead of Priority Mail because of the flammable e-matches (although he said he shipped Priority Mail). I'll give him a call tomorrow and check what's up.
They will go by ground. Takes 2 extra days just to go 10 miles.
I've been dealing with Ken for the better part of nine years now and I will say that he is always the most popular person at any launch and for many good reasons,most of which have already been covered.Just saw him at the NOVAAR launch Saturday and as usual it was a pleasure doing business with him.
Even if something does go wrong with the order I'm sure that Ken will go out of his way to make it right.
BTW the reason that he seems so disorganized is that he doesn't have any sort of a storefront. He unloads and then reloads just about everything from his truck and trailer each day at every launch.The other day I bought two Baby Berthas from him for Astron Boy's(whom I'm still waiting to hear from)Goony conversions.At first he thought he only had one until he remembered where the other one was.After what must have been a 15 minute dig to the back bottom of the trailer he found it exactly where he thought it was at.
Yes. I talked to him the other day and explained he sent the igniters via ground, but he said Priority Mail to make me feel better.
I would trust Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies with the keys to my front door. It sometimes takes him a couple of extra days to get your order out as he attends launches pretty much every weekend. He is an upstanding guy.
Okay, finally received package. Yes, he's a very nice guy, he offered to Express Mail some ignitors the day before the launch, but I told him they still wouldn't be in on time.
Ken Allen is a great guy... he gave me the benifit of the doubt once... at TRF 2004, I thought I bought four G75's from him, but after a couple launches, I noticed I only had two. I did not use any of them, so I figured either I got four, and two walked off when I was not tending the table at a launch, or i bought 4, and left two at his booth because my hands were full with a bunch of other loads, or I only bought two of them. I was sure I bought four... but had no receipt, and a call to Ken he says he had no reciept either... so... unknown to what happened, he sent me two G75's. With that kind of service, he is my #1 APCP supplier :)