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Apr 24, 2004
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i've orderd from these guys twice,and i have to say im a bit dissapointed. the first time i ordered from the (tlp ALARM and CA epoxy) they had the kit in stock but no epoxy and it took about 1 week to get here. i ordered a LOC weasel kit and a set of F motors 1 week ago. they called three days later and said they had the kit but no motors (im detecting a pattern) but i did get a diffrent set of motors (they cost about 3 dollars more but he spot me the diffrences). the kit isn't here yet. when i got mt ALARM it was in perfect condition no damage.overall i'd give them a 7/10 they definatly have areas they could improve in.
Remember, not too many years ago, when you ordered something over the phone it took 8 - 12 weeks for delivery?

A lot of his items go quick so they must be reordered so he is at the mercy of the companies.
Lol - remember the days of 'Please wait 28 days for delivery'. On-line ordering & that has made us (me included) want everything 2 mins after we ordered it. Something which wont happen until we have a machine in the corner of the room; which we can go up to, say "Tea, Earl Gray, Hot!", and get a cuppa of steaming hot Rosey-Lee. :D

That said, it *is* frustraiting when you place an order; weeks later you've still got nothing, and when you contact them, they say they're waiting for the stock. Give Performance Hobbies they're due, though; they seem to be keeping you informed of the delays. If the delays are out of their hands, thats the best thing they can do. Good comms, from a vendor, when theres a problem is *very* imporant - (IMHO)
lmao Dan!

I agree though, contact between the vendor and the customer is very important when there are delays.

I agree with you guys. The internet has kinda spoiled us and I am constantly trying to keep up with demand and get stock ordered well ahead of time, but sometimes it just don't work out as planned. I have 3 customers waiting on some Richter Reckers right now and Jim is doing his best to get them out. But even he is at the mercy of another company as he was waiting on a certain part he needed to complete the kits. We're all at the mercy of whoever is in the product chain before us. We just have to do the best we can.