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Mar 18, 2009
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Hello all,

A while back I purchased a Formula 75 before they were setup for HED. So, I purchased a new, longer coupler to make is HED. The question is this- the nose one is one of the filament wound cones with the epoxy tip- there is no threaded insert in the tip. So, how do I anchor to this nosecone?

I was thinking possibly embedding a 1/4" 20 nut is epoxy and Kevlar pulp.

You can mount a small steel angle bracket with a 1/4 inch hole (available at big box stores) high inside the nose cone by initially using JB weld and subsequently covering with 2 layers of fiber glass cloth. The 1/4 inch hole in the angle bracket can have a short screw/eye nut in place in which to attach your kevlar cord that in turn will attach to the HED main chute laundry.

Good luck,

Fred, L2
ICBM member, Camden, SC

Get a 29mm or 38mm G-10 bulkplate.
Drill hole in center of BP and install a 3/16" eye-bolt.
Tie your cord on eye-bolt and lower it into the NC
Tap it in snug and level with a wooden dowel
Mix up your favorite expoxy and pour a layer in over the bulk plate, swirl it around a little bit to get some epoxy on the side walls of NC above the BP also.

A more down and dirty way I've done it also is to just tie a knot on the end of a piece of Kevlar cord, drop it into the NC till it touches the tip, mix up some epoxy and pour a plug over it.
I just epoxied the end of the harness to the side of the NC, high enough to miss the coupler. After it dried, I took it outside and swung it around like crazy to make sure it held. Done.