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Perfect Flight Altimeters, Timers, and More!

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Feb 8, 2009
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Fairfax Station, VA
Perfect for the new L1 who wants to try dual deployment or a 2-stager on a budget.

For Sale: Purchase all units listed below for $60 total (PayPal)

If there are no takers for the whole lot ($60), then I'll sell the individual units for the listed price starting Monday.

Guaranteed to work:
2x PerfectFlite MAWD: $20 each
2x PerfectFlite Mini-Timer 3: $10 each
1x FeatherWeight Parrot v1: $20
1x PerfectFlite Micro-Alt 4600 w/ 2-in Ebay (Main Deploy Only - motor ejection required): $10
1x PerfectFlite data cable for Mini-Alt: Included with Mini-Alt

Probably will work:
1x PerfectFlite Stratologger v1:$0 - included with first MAWD purchase (unless indicated otherwise)
Full disclosure: this one landed in a pond at NARAM this year. Corrosion on some parts but came out of the pond beeping happily. I'm guessing it will work again, but I'd use it as a backup only.

Might work as a backup:
1x PerfectFlite StratologgerCF: $0 - included with first MAWD purchase (unless indicated otherwise)
Full disclosure: Cannot download data. Hit the dirt at God-knows-how-fast from 6K ft when it failed to fire apogee charge. Looks fine from the outside, but has problems connecting with the data cable. I can't find the problem, but hey, you are probably better at diagnosing electronic problems than I am!

PM me if interested

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Hi, I'm interested-a few clarification questions were pmed.