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Apr 12, 2004
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I managed to get through 14 total launches with 14 recoveries using three rockets in 5 to 10+ mph winds. 7 of the launches were with a Swift 220. My previous Swift 220 launch went like this. 5,4,3,2,1... Liftoff, see smoke, then the rocket went away forever. The first launch Swift 220 launch was lost as expected, then after a while some kids on a nearby baseball field found it and brought it back to us! We then found a good way of slowing down the launch so you can actually get the thing back:


The small streamers on the fins made the rocket a treat to fly. The only problem was that it would start coming down, and the ejection charge would go off and shoot the rocket toward the ground in a quick burst down. Luckily this always happened while the rocket was high enough that it did not matter and still hit the ground at a slow speed. It still took off fast with the streamers attached:


I did another two flight with a Quest Superbird, the rocket is awesome to fly with nice visible flights. The first was with a B6-4, and it was obvious the rocket wanted more power as it slowly climbed. The next flight on a C6-5 was perfect, the rocket went way up arced over so it was well away from the launchpad at ejection, but the parachute did not open at first and the rocket was gonna land in some house about 200 feet away. Then the parachute opened and carried it right back to within 50 feet of the launch pad. I am using a single 14 inch chute and recovering both halves of the rocket in one piese, this worked out good for me. The wind was picking up and I did not want to lose the Superbird so I put it away for the day before being tempted for another C6 flight.

The other 5 flights were with the Baby Bertha. This is my favorite rocket so far, it always flies good on A -> C engines, and even if the streamer fails to deploy right, it lands OK anyway so there is nothing to worry about :) Got a nice lauch pic of the BB as well:


cool pics, love the last one:)
great to hear you had a successful day of launches.
Love your pictures!! Especially the close ups. Do you have any tips for those of us who just graduated from the Polaroid One Step?

John (not Jon) Arthur
Wow - cool idea with the Mosquito! That's a first for me. I don't think I've ever seen anyone attach streamers to a Mosquito before. Nice action shots - especially the motor burn on the Baby Bertha.
Wow- that Bertha looks like it's got some AP in it!

Good tip for the recov of small rockets.
Do you have any tips for those of us who just graduated from the Polaroid One Step?

I am still working out the kinks myself. I have been using a Canon A60 which was pretty cheap. I have had good luck using a fast shutter speed of 1/1000 on sunny days and letting the camera do the rest. I focus the camera, have someone hit launch, then as soon as I hear the engine start I hit the shutter and see what happens. Unfortunately, when I took these pics it was overcast and almost sunset so I had to use a slower shutter speed. Also, the launch pic that looks like a close up is actually just a cropping job from a larger pic you can see here: