Penaltys!!!! Argggghhhhh

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arthur dent

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Jun 27, 2003
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i CAN'T STAND THE PRESSURE:D england are about to have a penalty shoot out with portugal:(

That goal on 90 minutes should of counted though....wasn't too happy with the ref all the way through the match.

and did you guys see the penalty spot? Looked more like a baseball mound!
Englands out? good might get a bit of peace around here now.

( memo. remember to send ref cheque )

I hope theres a bomb included with that cheque! :D

Stupid ref

*WiK Starts ranting about referees these days...

The ref has a web site.
The web site has a feedback section.
I have left feedback.
Aparently (According to The Sun) the ref has apologised.

Has anyone seen those pictures that are around on the net about the game? Hahah Ill post em on here when my Dad emails them to me :D
Hokk you left feedback ? I dont see it , or has it been removed for some very polite reason ? ;)
_My_ feedback never actually appeared, there's only German language stuff on there. I didn;t say much. I just sent him a link, to specsavers :)

However, given this pictorial evidence, I may have been wasting my time...
Well there good news is there wasn't much violence after the match, the worst damge was a broken window in a shop next to the stadium....from Beckham's penalty! :D
I heard that several spectators from behind the goal were injured. They cricked their necks trying to follow the path of the ball.