PemTech shameless promotion by his Sweetheart

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May 29, 2009
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:w: :D :w:
  • As of yesterday my dharling is fully moved into our 'new' abode together!
  • His hand is healed up enough anyone older than a toddler can safely look at it after eating.
  • His "Man Cave" or "Lair of Destructive Creation" is fully stocked (though drastically needs organizinig).

I say it's PARTY TIME! :headbang: :wave: :headbang:

:cool: Please contact us for offical tour dates and times of the new shop. Let us know if you would like a meal of llama burgers (see "Pem-Tech Down" thread for details) after your tour. :pop: Autographed fins and spent motors currently available as souviners, other items such as llama hairballs , rocket cozies, and refridgerator magents are some of the upcoming attractions. :cyclops:

PemTech Art Department and curviest promoter :w:
Llama hair balls:
Rocket cozies:
Refridgerator manents:

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