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Jan 17, 2009
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I am happy to report that Layne Pemberton of Pemberton Technologies has been re-scheduled for his missed fireside chat on the 31st of October. He really expects to be there this time unless some Zombie llamas come trick or treating.
I am happy to report that Layne Pemberton of Pemberton Technologies has been re-scheduled for his missed fireside chat on the 31st of October. He really expects to be there this time unless some Zombie llamas come trick or treating.

Oh Lord, not Zombie Llamas....

But yes, we will be there!
Chaps and spurs at the ready.

Oh man, I really didn't need to see those Llama pictures again.

OK, just a bump to let everyone know the Fireside Chat is on schedule and we look forward to to our Halloween event. Trudy will also be available if you have questions for her (the Art Department).
We will be answering questions, refuting charges and dodging bullets as long as you folks would like.

See you there!!
Just a friendly bump to remind everyone that we WILL be there on All Hallows Eve for the Fireside Chat.
Below is a shot of part of the Pem-Tech work bench. You will see scratch builds, future releases, crazy ideas, OOP kits, clones and more crazy ideas.

Anything in the picture is free-game during the Chat, Trudy has sworn me to tell the truth, but just during the Fireside Chat. So get your questions and comments together and we'll have a rippen' ole' time.
:bangbang: :bat:
Don't forget that Layne will be hosting the Fireside Chat this Halloween.

Have plenty of llama comments handy!:rolleyes:
To assist those who may want to ask questions about the various rockets in PemTech picture I decided to take the liberty and number the rockets in the picture.

I think I got all of the major ones.
OK, here it is...
To be sure that I do not miss this chat, Trudy tied me to a chair Monday night, and supplied me with soda and chocolate for the duration. Looking forward to talking "Rocket Geek"!

That doesn't look like a llama...

No, instead it looks like a very happy Layne (probably something to do with being tied to the chair) and dog thinking, "Why? Why me? Why do I have to live with the guy with a thing for Llamas?"


Nov 01 02:09:26 <les> So, being Halloween, after your accident, any issues with changing into a werellama?
Nov 01 02:09:52 <WiK> can make a big speech if you want, or just start going down the list for questions ;)
Nov 01 02:10:23 <Pem> Well, thanks everyone for dropping by
Nov 01 02:10:50 <Pem> There is very little chance of me changing into a wereLlama, but stay at your own risk
Nov 01 02:10:53 * hcmbanjo has quit (Quit: Using The Rocketry Forum chat page.)
Nov 01 02:11:13 <Pem> From the top....
Nov 01 02:11:21 <Pem> BlueNija?
Nov 01 02:11:39 <WiK> BlueNinja, Elapid and troj are probably not paying attention, so feel free to skip them
Nov 01 02:11:58 <Pem> Hows about grog then?
Nov 01 02:12:06 * tibadoe has quit (Quit: Using The Rocketry Forum chat page.)
Nov 01 02:12:41 <Pem> les?
Nov 01 02:12:59 <les> Obvious question - when is the next kit coming out, and which one?
Nov 01 02:13:12 <Pem> Oh goodnes...
Nov 01 02:13:25 * briancPASS is now known as brianc
Nov 01 02:13:29 <Pem> We have several in developement
Nov 01 02:13:46 <Pem> But it looks like nothing new will be out by the holidays
Nov 01 02:14:04 <Pem> We are still trying to get the HMAS Bonestell on the market
Nov 01 02:14:30 <Pem> The Beta testers are having issues that I can duplicate
Nov 01 02:15:07 <les> Build issues?
Nov 01 02:15:15 <Pem> Flight issues...
Nov 01 02:15:36 <Pem> Two beta testers have reported that the roket corkscrews on ascent
Nov 01 02:16:07 <Pem> it is stable but that has be baffled
Nov 01 02:16:31 <Pem> It may be the alignment of the outboard rudders
Nov 01 02:17:26 <Pem> OK, we have a double ring fin model we flew at SOuthern Thunder this year that is close to being released
Nov 01 02:17:41 <Pem>
Nov 01 02:18:04 <Pem> Check out the image lower on the page, number 17
Nov 01 02:18:32 <SooBaldwin> Is there a photo of the HMAS Bonestell?
Nov 01 02:18:45 <Pem> Give me a sec to locate it..
Nov 01 02:19:17 <Pem>
Nov 01 02:19:33 <Pem> this is the MPR version that I have been flying for sometime
Nov 01 02:19:45 <Pem> The LPR version is in Beta testing
Nov 01 02:20:50 <les> Which one has the corkscrew problem?
Nov 01 02:21:12 <Pem>
Nov 01 02:21:28 <Pem> Here she is in full dress
Nov 01 02:21:51 <Pem> The Lpr version
Nov 01 02:21:58 <WiK> mmmmmm
Nov 01 02:22:18 <SooBaldwin> Now that a cool looking rocket
Nov 01 02:22:20 <Pem> So far the rudder issue seems the likely suspect
Nov 01 02:22:24 <Pem> Thanks
Nov 01 02:22:25 <SooBaldwin> thank you for the pics
Nov 01 02:22:43 <Pem> My twp LRP versions fly great
Nov 01 02:22:48 <Pem> your are welcome
Nov 01 02:23:53 <Pem>
Nov 01 02:24:00 <Pem> and thos are flight pics
Nov 01 02:24:41 <Pem> We are looking into having the wings and rudders laser cut to avoide the alignment issue
Nov 01 02:24:50 <Pem> on the LPR version
Nov 01 02:25:16 <les> Will you release the MPR version?
Nov 01 02:26:14 <Pem> Eventuall yes
Nov 01 02:26:20 <Pem> Eventually
Nov 01 02:26:29 <Pem> can'r spill
Nov 01 02:26:59 <Pem> The MPR version is pretty much ready for Beta testing
Nov 01 02:27:16 <SooBaldwin> What are the deminsions on the MPR version?
Nov 01 02:27:19 <Pem> But we wanted to get the LPR version out first
Nov 01 02:27:24 <Pem>
Nov 01 02:27:41 <Pem> Here is the LPR version in primer
Nov 01 02:28:07 <Pem> the MPR is 2.6" in diameter,
Nov 01 02:29:12 <SooBaldwin> That will be a neat bird. Have to keep following that one.
Nov 01 02:29:25 <Pem> 31 inches long
Nov 01 02:29:33 <SooBaldwin> Of course the LPR one will have to be added to my list
Nov 01 02:30:02 <Pem> with a 20.6 wingspan
Nov 01 02:30:58 <Pem> We have been looking at releasing a cool little retro called Redshift
Nov 01 02:31:22 <Pem> it is #7 on the afore mentioned picture
Nov 01 02:32:03 <Pem> 2.6" in dia, 24mm motor with 1/16" ply fins
Nov 01 02:32:14 <SooBaldwin> On the MPR version, surface mounted fins or through the tube?
Nov 01 02:32:23 <Pem> pretty much a nose cone, a tail cone and a 1 inch body tube
Nov 01 02:32:34 <Pem> TTW on both versions
Nov 01 02:32:42 <SooBaldwin> cool
Nov 01 02:33:10 <Pem> with wings that large even balsa needs TTW
Nov 01 02:33:31 <Pem> Any other questions?
Nov 01 02:33:47 <brianc> OK, I'll admit to not currently owning any PT kits... Which kit you would consider the #1 'must have'? And why? (hint - I like all kinds and skill levels)
Nov 01 02:34:06 <Pem> *SHOCK*
Nov 01 02:34:21 <Pem> Well, we will have to see about fixing that..
Nov 01 02:34:22 <Pem> OK..
Nov 01 02:34:34 <Pem> Our #1 kit is the Kraken
Nov 01 02:34:49 <Pem> the LPR or MPR
Nov 01 02:35:03 <Pem> there is nothing else on the market like them
Nov 01 02:36:04 <Pem> For those not familar with the Krkens, they are sculpted tube fins with extended leading edges
Nov 01 02:36:12 <Pem> Krakens
Nov 01 02:36:20 <les> I vouch that the Kraken (LPR) is a great kit. You can see my review on EMRR
Nov 01 02:36:22 <Pem> sell can'r spill
Nov 01 02:36:46 <Pem> Thanks Les
Nov 01 02:36:58 <Pem> they are easy to build
Nov 01 02:37:02 <Pem> fun to fly
Nov 01 02:37:06 <les> It's the wereLlama changing your fingers into hoofs...
Nov 01 02:37:16 <WiK> lol
Nov 01 02:37:33 <Pem> hdjkskf fkslduwe iccgf
Nov 01 02:38:27 <grog> What's the #16 in your photo?
Nov 01 02:38:29 <Pem> The King Kraken is a 3" dia monster that goes together quick, is super tough and flys on almost anything from a F40 to an I240
Nov 01 02:38:49 <Pem> #16 is the Arturus
Nov 01 02:39:15 <Pem> She is our first "futuristic" sci-fi kit
Nov 01 02:39:34 <Pem> 41" long with a 24mm MM
Nov 01 02:40:19 <Pem> This is second verion of the Arutrus
Nov 01 02:40:36 <les> When will it be available???? (and yes - I'm pushing for more of your great kits)
Nov 01 02:40:48 <Pem> the first was a 3" version of heavy tubing, but we decided to thry light weight 2.6" tubing
Nov 01 02:40:58 <SooBaldwin> On the Kraken, so you have to cut the angles on the tubing?
Nov 01 02:41:25 <Pem> The Arcturus is still in developemnt, next year, maybe
Nov 01 02:41:41 <Pem> Yes, on the Kraken and King Kraken you have to cut the angles
Nov 01 02:41:57 <les> But they are easy to cut
Nov 01 02:42:06 <Pem> but it is super easy, the Destructions give you step by step directions
Nov 01 02:42:29 <Pem> Yeah, what he said..
Nov 01 02:42:45 <Pem> Speaking of the King Kraken...
Nov 01 02:42:47 <SooBaldwin> I have to admit I don't have any of your kits yet either but have been wanting one of the space arks for quite a while
Nov 01 02:43:07 * Peartree ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 02:43:14 <Pem> We would be glad to share one with you..
Nov 01 02:43:15 <WiK> hey john
Nov 01 02:43:23 <Pem> The Space Ark is our sign ature kit
Nov 01 02:43:31 <Pem> John! Welcome!
Nov 01 02:43:41 <Peartree> Hullo!
Nov 01 02:43:49 <Pem> Back to the King Kraen for just a short bit
Nov 01 02:44:15 <Pem> we just recently went with shorter section of tubing and added a coupler
Nov 01 02:44:35 <Pem> this drops the shipping costs from $22 to more like $15
Nov 01 02:44:58 <Pem> Those long boxes are murder...
Nov 01 02:45:16 <Pem> ANy more question before we move onto John?
Nov 01 02:45:53 <Peartree> I really just popped int to see what's going on. I've got nothing. Pass.
Nov 01 02:46:02 <Pem> :p
Nov 01 02:46:10 <Pem> NEXT!
Nov 01 02:46:32 <Pem> Don't make me go WereLlama
Nov 01 02:47:52 <brianc> Been eyeing the Bucky Jones too. Any trouble protecting those loooong pointy fins on landing?
Nov 01 02:47:56 <Pem> Just a quick announcement then: Just recently Apogee ROckets began carrying our kits!
Nov 01 02:48:04 <Pem> HAHAHAHAHAH
Nov 01 02:48:06 <Pem> NO!
Nov 01 02:48:14 <Pem> Well, yes but we take care of that
Nov 01 02:48:27 <Pem> The kit is equipped with horizontal recovery
Nov 01 02:48:56 <Pem> it comes with KEVLAR cord that you make into a harness
Nov 01 02:49:09 <Pem> in connection with the shock cord
Nov 01 02:49:20 <Pem> the Bucky comes down on hi s belly
Nov 01 02:49:50 * Thorn ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 02:50:32 <Pem> As further protection you could glass them, but the only time I have broken a fin was during transport to a launch
Nov 01 02:50:42 <Pem> THORN!
Nov 01 02:51:10 <brianc> Do you know if anyone has bashed one into the Futurama rocket?
Nov 01 02:51:26 <brianc> "D
Nov 01 02:51:32 <Pem> No, not that I know of
Nov 01 02:51:42 <Pem> But that would be a cool idea
Nov 01 02:51:54 <Peartree> How often do you get out to test fly your designs?
Nov 01 02:52:01 <Pem> Love the Futurama rocket
Nov 01 02:52:08 <Pem> :(
Nov 01 02:52:17 <Pem> Sadly, not much anymore...
Nov 01 02:52:23 * brianc is now known as briancPASS
Nov 01 02:52:38 <Pem> When we moved from Ward I lost my flying field
Nov 01 02:52:59 <Pem> The great hay field you see in all of our launch videos
Nov 01 02:53:18 <Pem> Trudy has been trying to find us one close by, but nothing so far
Nov 01 02:53:37 <Pem> Used to fly once a week, when the field was a mile from the house
Nov 01 02:53:44 * hcmbanjo ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 02:54:02 * Thorn has quit (Quit: Using The Rocketry Forum chat page.)
Nov 01 02:54:08 <Pem> Living close to the city blows
Nov 01 02:54:30 <Peartree> I hope never to live near the city again.
Nov 01 02:54:47 <Pem> Yesterday I was actually considering micro max just so I could fly in the back yard
Nov 01 02:55:16 <Pem> We are in the "burbs" but that is too close for me
Nov 01 02:55:49 <Pem> But that would open a whole new area for us
Nov 01 02:56:07 * RandyT0001 ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 02:56:18 <Pem> We could produce a lot of tiny cool kits
Nov 01 02:56:44 <Pem> The floor is open for questions
Nov 01 02:56:48 <Pem> comment
Nov 01 02:56:54 <Pem> or accusations
Nov 01 02:56:59 <les> Sorry - MMX does not "do it" for me
Nov 01 02:57:13 <Pem> I never even considered it before either
Nov 01 02:57:24 <les> I went quiet since I seem to be monopolizing the chat. I do want to take the opportunity to thank you for all the great kits - different from the standard 3FNC
Nov 01 02:57:27 <RandyT0001> Sorry to interrupt but my chat connection was fubar'd before Hope I didn't miss much (just an hour)
Nov 01 02:57:39 <Pem> But being able to step out back and burn a couple is an attractive alternative
Nov 01 02:58:01 <Pem> Thank you Les
Nov 01 02:58:07 <Pem> That is our goal
Nov 01 02:58:13 <Pem> More than 3FNC
Nov 01 02:58:30 <Pem> Actually, that is why our first kit was the 3FNC
Nov 01 02:58:56 <Pem> sort of a poke in the eye of all those boring tube and fin jobs out there
Nov 01 03:00:01 <Peartree> Ever thought about gliders?
Nov 01 03:00:11 <Pem> But, I have to say that the rocket industry is now producing the greatest variaty of kits sonce the ole' Mars Lander and Andromeda days
Nov 01 03:00:25 <Pem> Actually..
Nov 01 03:00:28 <Pem> *cough*
Nov 01 03:00:35 <Pem> I have never flown one..
Nov 01 03:01:01 <Pem> Well, I have flown aa SST glider and the old Estes floding wing job
Nov 01 03:01:19 <Pem> What is that kit called?
Nov 01 03:01:35 * hcmbanjo has quit (Quit: Using The Rocketry Forum chat page.)
Nov 01 03:01:53 <Pem> Welcome back Randy, we are just getting started
Nov 01 03:02:52 <RandyT0001> When you design a model do you start with concept and draw some or do you see something (like a car body styling or plane) and proceed from there?
Nov 01 03:03:08 <Pem> Good question....
Nov 01 03:03:28 <Pem> Yhe process is self running
Nov 01 03:03:56 <Pem> Usually I will see something, in my head or a car, or an other object and the wheels start turning
Nov 01 03:04:20 * Peartree has quit (Quit: Using The Rocketry Forum chat page.)
Nov 01 03:04:50 <Pem> My favorite method is watching old sci-fi movies
Nov 01 03:05:15 <Pem> finding a wiicked cool silver ship that was never meant to fly
Nov 01 03:05:23 <Pem> then reverse engineering it
Nov 01 03:05:39 <Pem> and then make it fly
Nov 01 03:05:53 * RandyT0001 has quit (Ping timeout)
Nov 01 03:06:08 <les> Do you use any design software, like spacecad or rocksim?
Nov 01 03:06:14 <Pem> On occasion I have started out with an ide that I wanted
Nov 01 03:06:23 * RandyT0001 ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 03:06:38 <Pem> like a heavy lift vehicle or a manne launch vehicle
Nov 01 03:06:55 <Pem> I use Rocksim
Nov 01 03:07:21 <Pem> It will simulate most of the design I come up with
Nov 01 03:07:22 * RandyT0001 has quit (Quit: Using The Rocketry Forum chat page.)
Nov 01 03:07:27 * RandyT0001 ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 03:07:39 <Pem> but there are those that I just have to eyeball
Nov 01 03:08:07 <Pem> But that is usually the last step..
Nov 01 03:09:16 <Pem> Trudy is trying to log on but is having troub;e
Nov 01 03:09:30 <Pem> it is telling her, Invalid User Name
Nov 01 03:09:40 <Pem> can we get a hand?
Nov 01 03:09:53 <WiK> hmm
Nov 01 03:09:56 <WiK> what's her TRF username?
Nov 01 03:10:27 <Pem> PemTech's Squeeze
Nov 01 03:10:38 * WiK won't ask...
Nov 01 03:11:00 <Pem> hee hee hee
Nov 01 03:11:04 * WiK digs up an alternative link, 1 moment
Nov 01 03:11:15 <Pem> Cool...
Nov 01 03:11:25 <Pem> Any other questions while we wiat?
Nov 01 03:11:29 <Pem> wait..
Nov 01 03:11:40 <Pem> dman spillng
Nov 01 03:12:11 <RandyT0001> Do you use software (like RocSim, VCP, etc.) to help design rockets?
Nov 01 03:12:14 <WiK> ok, send her here -
Nov 01 03:12:24 <Pem> Yes, Rocksim
Nov 01 03:12:57 <WiK> if you have any more trouble I'd sugggest that link, Randy
Nov 01 03:13:21 <les> Before you discussed #17 briefly - it looks similar to the old Estes Manta. Is it based on that?
Nov 01 03:14:23 <Pem> Yes, that was the original seed of idea
Nov 01 03:14:56 <Pem> ALways loved tail rings and it is such a clssic
Nov 01 03:15:19 * RandyT0001 has quit (Ping timeout)
Nov 01 03:15:20 <les> It looks like it had a hard landing (or 2)
Nov 01 03:15:26 <Pem> Care to guess what the nose cone is made of
Nov 01 03:15:39 <WiK> tic tac box?
Nov 01 03:15:47 * hazegry ([email protected]) has joined #therocketryforum
Nov 01 03:15:58 <Pem> Yes, I didn't have a small enough chute and tried a streamer
Nov 01 03:16:02 <Pem> SMASH!
Nov 01 03:16:10 <Pem> nope
Nov 01 03:16:38 * pemtech1j ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 03:16:56 * RandyT0001 ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 03:18:03 <Pem> Trudy is still have trouble, give me a sec
Nov 01 03:18:17 <RandyT0001> My chat interface is not working well. I hope there will be a posted chat log on TRF. Later
Nov 01 03:18:22 <WiK> wait a sec
Nov 01 03:18:28 <WiK> try going here instead -
Nov 01 03:18:33 <WiK> might be a bit more stable
Nov 01 03:18:53 * RandyT0001 has quit (Quit: Using The Rocketry Forum chat page.)
Nov 01 03:19:18 <les> What is the nose cone made from?
Nov 01 03:19:20 <Pem> Nope...
Nov 01 03:19:29 <WiK> still no luck?
Nov 01 03:19:40 * WiK-test ([email protected]) has joined #TheRocketryForum
Nov 01 03:19:42 <Pem> The nose cone is a Target pill bottle
Nov 01 03:19:50 <Pem> she is trying
Nov 01 03:20:01 <WiK> looks like she's already joined
Nov 01 03:20:01 * Pem very trying
Nov 01 03:20:02 <SooBaldwin> well going to call it an evening. Enjoyed my first chat, take care everyone...
Nov 01 03:20:08 <WiK> cya
Nov 01 03:20:20 * SooBaldwin has quit (Quit: Using The Rocketry Forum chat page.)
Nov 01 03:20:29 <Pem> OK, thanks!
Nov 01 03:21:06 <pemtech1j> OK, I am at the alternative site
Nov 01 03:21:16 * WiK-test has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Nov 01 03:21:20 <pemtech1j> but she is only seeing one user
Nov 01 03:21:35 <WiK> does it say "Idlers, 12" or something like that under the user?
Nov 01 03:21:51 <pemtech1j> nope
Nov 01 03:21:53 <pemtech1j> :(
Nov 01 03:21:56 <WiK> hmm
Nov 01 03:22:08 <pemtech1j> Ok, here she is on my puter
Nov 01 03:22:21 <pemtech1j> Sorry guys.
Nov 01 03:22:34 <pemtech1j> Slower older computer -Truy
Nov 01 03:22:45 <pemtech1j> Slower computer-Trudy
Nov 01 03:23:01 <pemtech1j> I followed the link and darn it, sez nothing like this.
Nov 01 03:23:04 <WiK> it's our fault, we really need to get the chat setup better
Nov 01 03:23:13 <pemtech1j> Oh, great, now he's got my computer!! _EEk!
Nov 01 03:23:38 <pemtech1j> So, what's chatting about?
Nov 01 03:23:51 <les> we chat!
Nov 01 03:24:02 <pemtech1j> I see 4 folks listed, with 11 ther are some lurkers out there!! :)
Nov 01 03:24:16 <pemtech1j> Anyone local?
Nov 01 03:24:27 <pemtech1j> Anyone have a Pemberton Tech rocket already?
Nov 01 03:24:34 <briancPASS> local to Planet Earth... ;)
Nov 01 03:24:42 <pemtech1j> Snerk-!
Nov 01 03:24:59 <les> I've got 4, but I humbly admit I've only built the Kraken
Nov 01 03:25:07 <pemtech1j> lol, that's fine.
Nov 01 03:25:22 <pemtech1j> I don't even want to know how many my darling Layne has unbuilt.
Nov 01 03:25:28 <pemtech1j> I'm sure it's around 40!!
Nov 01 03:25:35 <briancPASS> I admited to not having any earlier, but have been eyeing the line-up
Nov 01 03:25:55 * briancPASS is now known as brainc
Nov 01 03:25:59 <pemtech1j> I recall seeing along thread about that a while back. The backload of shame. :)
Nov 01 03:26:04 * brainc is now known as brianc
Nov 01 03:26:08 <les> ONLY 40?
Nov 01 03:26:48 <pemtech1j> Er.. Layne sez "in the box or just laying around??" 8o
Nov 01 03:27:19 <pemtech1j> It may be my java is up to snuff.
Nov 01 03:27:36 <pemtech1j> Any ideas on gettin gme on there at same time, different computer??
Nov 01 03:27:55 <pemtech1j> It says I'm there by whatever I type doesn't post, and it lists having only 1 user.
Nov 01 03:28:06 <WiK> did you copy the URL or re-type it?
Nov 01 03:28:11 <pemtech1j> both
Nov 01 03:28:15 <WiK> hmm
Nov 01 03:28:24 <WiK> try going straight to and...
Nov 01 03:28:26 <pemtech1j> @Les How did your build of the Kraen go?
Nov 01 03:28:53 <WiK> hit "Start Chatting Now", on the next page click the Server link
Nov 01 03:29:02 <les> Great - nice and simple. Flew great. I did a writeup in EMRR
Nov 01 03:29:19 <WiK> put as the server address, whatever you want for a nick and #TheRocketryForum in the channel box, and hit Go
Nov 01 03:29:20 <pemtech1j> Did you stick with the so far "traditional" black and red pain job? -asks the glorified Art Department of Pemtec
Nov 01 03:29:26 <pemtech1j> Ooo! Cool!! Thanks!!!
Nov 01 03:29:40 <pemtech1j> Thanks ot les, let me clarify
Nov 01 03:30:07 <pemtech1j> @WK it says "server address:"
Nov 01 03:30:20 <WiK>
Nov 01 03:30:41 <pemtech1j> Ok, he's trying that for me. Thanks.
Nov 01 03:30:52 <pemtech1j> So anyone talking rockets then?
Nov 01 03:31:04 <pemtech1j> Or do I start talking about his boxers or something ;D
Nov 01 03:31:09 <pemtech1j> ;)
Nov 01 03:31:18 <brianc> Llamas
Nov 01 03:31:20 <WiK> well he has been talking about your corset ;)
Nov 01 03:31:29 <pemtech1j> I made him some groovy boxers last year for Christmas
Nov 01 03:31:40 <pemtech1j> True, no pictures allow. PG forum and all that.
Nov 01 03:32:12 <pemtech1j> No pics of corset allowed. However...
Nov 01 03:32:23 <pemtech1j> I think there were some pictures of the boxers posted.
Nov 01 03:32:32 <pemtech1j> If not I'll have to make sure they are! :)
Nov 01 03:32:39 * hazegry has quit (Quit: did I do that?)
Nov 01 03:32:40 <pemtech1j> NOT with Layne in them, however.
Nov 01 03:32:45 <WiK> phew
Nov 01 03:32:59 <pemtech1j> I have some respect for your retinas!
Nov 01 03:33:19 <pemtech1j> fm Layne: ask me questions guys! She can type faster than I can
Nov 01 03:33:31 <les> Back to the Kraken, I added a touch of yellow on the edge of the tube fins and the canards. You can see my paint job here (not sure if the link will work)
Nov 01 03:33:35 <pemtech1j> fm L: and she can type for me
Nov 01 03:34:09 <pemtech1j> re: les Am opening window for L to see
Nov 01 03:34:48 <pemtech1j> frm: L Very cool, yeah!!
Nov 01 03:35:25 <pemtech1j> fm L: back to the Manta bomber look alike. It has styling from the Thuderbirds XLB? (He thinks is XLB
Nov 01 03:35:45 <pemtech1j> fm Troody: the yellow on teh thing looks great!!
Nov 01 03:36:10 <pemtech1j> fm L: So what 'all think about the Taret pill bottle usage?
Nov 01 03:36:57 <pemtech1j> fm T: Ooh!! He's joining me on the Cuddler lounger!! WOOT!
Nov 01 03:37:05 <les> Looks good - if you produce the kit will you be able to get enough bottles from Target?
Nov 01 03:37:08 <pemtech1j> fm L: I'm here and ready for questions fellas
Nov 01 03:37:22 <pemtech1j> fm L: Unfortunately yes.
Nov 01 03:37:32 <pemtech1j> fm L: We get a LOT of those between T and I
Nov 01 03:37:42 <pemtech1j> fm L: Sux getting old
Nov 01 03:38:00 <pemtech1j> fm T: and I've been setting them aside for him for a while.
Nov 01 03:38:17 <les> Ain't that the truth - getting old that is
Nov 01 03:38:19 <pemtech1j> fm T: sadly we've got enough for at least 100 rocket run so far!!
Nov 01 03:38:48 <pemtech1j> fm L: yeah, re getting old
Nov 01 03:39:07 <WiK> right, one more question and I'm heading to bed...
Nov 01 03:39:14 <pemtech1j> fm L: Shoot!!
Nov 01 03:39:15 <WiK> will you be taking your llama to a professional dentist next time his teeth need doing?
Nov 01 03:39:51 <pemtech1j> fm L: Sadly no. Said llama tasted quite good, and no longer needs any sort of dental work.
Nov 01 03:40:15 <pemtech1j> fm L:I'll shout your regards for him down the loo though! :D
Nov 01 03:40:23 <WiK> haha, thanks... I think
Nov 01 03:40:26 <pemtech1j> fm T: snerk
Nov 01 03:41:04 <WiK> anyway, getting on for 3am so I'm off
Nov 01 03:41:17 <les> What can you tell us about rocket 9 in the forum pix?
Nov 01 03:41:21 <pemtech1j> fm L: 3 AM? darn!
Nov 01 03:41:28 <WiK> thanks for hosting this you guys, I hope you've enjoyed it
Nov 01 03:42:00 <pemtech1j> fm L: glad you asked!!
Nov 01 03:42:08 <pemtech1j> fm T: yeah is in bedroom hangin gout now
Nov 01 03:42:19 <pemtech1j> fm L: is loosely based on Russian . . .
Nov 01 03:42:20 * WiK is now known as WiK_NotHere
Nov 01 03:42:32 <pemtech1j> fm L: Planet of Prehistoric Women
Nov 01 03:42:56 <pemtech1j> fm L: We hope to have it out or at least in Beta testing next year
Nov 01 03:43:09 <pemtech1j> fm L: the landing pods are proving to be a bit tricky
Nov 01 03:43:27 <les> Are the fins cut to accept the tube and cone, or is the cone cut in half?
Nov 01 03:43:40 <pemtech1j> fm L: Me and my Llama (re link sent earlier)??
Nov 01 03:43:50 <pemtech1j> fm L: The nosecones are cut in two
Nov 01 03:44:09 <les> and the tube?
Nov 01 03:44:15 <pemtech1j> fm L: the landing pod is split and slid over the fin
Nov 01 03:44:28 <pemtech1j> fm T: with use of Barry White music
Nov 01 03:44:43 <pemtech1j> fm L: I meant the landing pod tube is split and slid over fin
Nov 01 03:45:07 <pemtech1j> fm L: Take and 1/8" slot out of each side and slide it over
Nov 01 03:45:43 <pemtech1j> fm T: 10 users? cool!!
Nov 01 03:46:07 <les> It looks cool
Nov 01 03:46:10 <pemtech1j> fm T: for those of you just checking in this is the Vender Chat with owner of Pemberton Technologies, Layne
Nov 01 03:46:29 <pemtech1j> fm L: and his main and ONLY squeeze (eg signifigant other) Troody
Nov 01 03:46:50 <pemtech1j> fm T: with Troody typing and Layne answering as the T and L signify
Nov 01 03:47:08 <pemtech1j> fm L: @ les that is just a dry fit. Haven't actually built it yet. Thanks!!
Nov 01 03:47:29 <pemtech1j> fm L:I still have to figure out some way to put feet on it.
Nov 01 03:47:35 <pemtech1j> fm T: feet?
Nov 01 03:47:44 <pemtech1j> fm L: landing pads
Nov 01 03:48:12 <pemtech1j> fm T: there goes that mental image of Rockets with Barbie doll feet
Nov 01 03:48:18 <pemtech1j> fm L: ha ha!!
Nov 01 03:48:38 <pemtech1j> fm L: phew, dog has cow hoof breath!
Nov 01 03:49:00 <pemtech1j> fm L: Back to #whatever prehistoric women model
Nov 01 03:49:18 <pemtech1j> fm L: it's a bt80 trans to bt70
Nov 01 03:49:30 <pemtech1j> fm T: (ge geek talk geek talk :) )
Nov 01 03:49:41 <pemtech1j> fm L: nosecone is from Simrock
Nov 01 03:50:27 <pemtech1j> fm T: hello lurkers?? Anyone else there besides les? Do I need to go back to talking about his boxers again???
Nov 01 03:50:53 <les> NNOOOOooooo
Nov 01 03:51:07 <pemtech1j> fm T & L: Ha ha!!!
Nov 01 03:51:16 <pemtech1j> fm T: but they're so puurrty!
Nov 01 03:51:30 <pemtech1j> fm T: I put his whole current rocket line at the time on them.
Nov 01 03:52:15 <pemtech1j> fm T: I kept joking with him that if anyone asked about his rocket models, he could just drop trou' and show them! :) lol
Nov 01 03:52:26 <pemtech1j> fm L: and then call for bail money
Nov 01 03:52:44 <pemtech1j> fm T: actually he won't wear them as the Sharpie would fade, and keeps them safely tucked away.
Nov 01 03:53:03 <pemtech1j> fm T: they've been to a couple of Rocket Events, but again, safely tucked away.
Nov 01 03:53:26 <pemtech1j> fm T: I think you could safely ask to see them if you catch him at an Event. :D
Nov 01 03:54:01 <pemtech1j> fm T: So what are you currently working on?
Nov 01 03:54:37 <pemtech1j> fm T: Helwo anywone?
Nov 01 03:54:57 <pemtech1j> fm T: don't make me use lol talk!
Nov 01 03:55:03 <brianc> oops! was multitaskin' and got sidetracked... Gotta go now. Thanks Layne (& Trudy)!
Nov 01 03:55:10 * brianc has quit (Quit: )
Nov 01 03:55:11 <pemtech1j> fm L: Aaak!!
Nov 01 03:55:20 <pemtech1j> fm L &T: sorry to see you go
Nov 01 03:55:37 <les> I've got a Saturn V, Nike-Ajax, Thunderbird, R2D2, and Outlander in process
Nov 01 03:56:00 <pemtech1j> fm L: Oo! Which Thunderbird?
Nov 01 03:56:09 <pemtech1j> fm L: I bet it's the Flis kits.
Nov 01 03:56:15 <les> Fliskit
Nov 01 03:56:25 <pemtech1j> fm L: Yep. Pitty I was hoping for
Nov 01 03:56:42 <les> But I would love to build some from the old puppet show
Nov 01 03:56:43 <pemtech1j> fm L: one of the Thuderbirds from one of the Thunderbirds, like 12 or whatever it was
Nov 01 03:56:52 <pemtech1j> fm L: Yeah!!! That's it!
Nov 01 03:57:04 <pemtech1j> fm T: yup. lost but still having fun
Nov 01 03:57:13 <pemtech1j> fm L: Yeah, the XLB was rocking
Nov 01 03:57:29 <pemtech1j> fm T: (re geek talk :) )
Nov 01 03:57:50 <pemtech1j> fm L: Who's Saturn 5 as there are lots of them out there now
Nov 01 03:58:08 <les> for the Thunderbird, I've seen plans - it would be great if someone made a kit....
Nov 01 03:58:19 <pemtech1j> fm L: ((ooo dog ear love)))
Nov 01 03:58:29 <pemtech1j> fm T: dog has joined us on Cuddler lounger
Nov 01 03:58:51 <pemtech1j> fm L: Yes....wink wink nod nod
Nov 01 03:59:02 <les> My Saturn V is Estes. I also have one from Peter Always, Apogee, and Sheri part of my overdur build pile
Nov 01 03:59:18 <pemtech1j> fm L: the Thuderbid 5 was produced by someone.... a while back but under a different name
Nov 01 03:59:25 <pemtech1j> fm L:Holy mackerl!
Nov 01 03:59:33 <pemtech1j> fm L: IO
Nov 01 03:59:38 <pemtech1j> sorry type
Nov 01 03:59:40 <pemtech1j> typo
Nov 01 03:59:55 <pemtech1j> fm L:I've got the Always and the Apogee
Nov 01 04:00:14 <pemtech1j> fmL: and hoping Estes finally comes out with there's again.
Nov 01 04:00:31 <pemtech1j> fm L: correction "theirs again"
Nov 01 04:00:37 <pemtech1j> fm T: always a critic!!
Nov 01 04:00:59 <pemtech1j> fm L:What year is your Estes Saturn 5 from?
Nov 01 04:01:49 <pemtech1j> fm L: oo dog nips...Red RockeT
Nov 01 04:01:56 <pemtech1j> oh sh!!!
Nov 01 04:02:06 <pemtech1j> didn't mean to type that! He was joking around and so did I!!
Nov 01 04:02:09 <pemtech1j> erps....
Nov 01 04:02:28 <pemtech1j> how do you delete these things....
Nov 01 04:02:43 <pemtech1j> fm T: erm, yeah, um what were we talking about???
Nov 01 04:03:01 <pemtech1j> fmL: the beating you'll get later, but back to Rockets, real ones, now
Nov 01 04:03:42 <pemtech1j> fm L: What year is your Estes Saturn 5 from?
Nov 01 04:04:24 <les> I think it was the 30 year anniversary
Nov 01 04:04:29 <pemtech1j> fm L: Any one else out there have any questions?
Nov 01 04:04:44 <pemtech1j> fm L: Cool. Always wanted one of those
Nov 01 04:05:00 <pemtech1j> fm L: Should have bought one back in the 70s when they were $15.
Nov 01 04:05:37 <pemtech1j> fm T: man, I am so in trouble....chain of thought typing....mixing enter and delete key....
Nov 01 04:06:33 <pemtech1j> fm L: Anyone??
Nov 01 04:06:51 <pemtech1j> fm L: We'll be signing off shortly.
Nov 01 04:07:05 <pemtech1j> fm L: Thanks everyone for stopping in.
Nov 01 04:07:45 <les> Again, thanks for the great kits. Glad you recovered ok from your "Llama" incident.
Nov 01 04:07:50 <pemtech1j> fm L: No trick or treaters tonight here.
Nov 01 04:08:04 <pemtech1j> fm L: Thanks and Thanks!
Nov 01 04:08:21 <pemtech1j> fm T: he's now got a nifty scar to make up great stories about
Nov 01 04:08:34 <pemtech1j> fm L:No body else got we're out of here.
Nov 01 04:08:49 <pemtech1j> fm L: Have a great night, eat too much chocolate, and we're outta here!
Nov 01 04:09:01 <pemtech1j> fm T: and catch those Halloween sales tomorrow!!
Nov 01 04:09:15 <pemtech1j> fm T: Best day of year for skull themed whatzits :D
Nov 01 04:09:23 <pemtech1j> fm T & L: Good night!
Thanks for posting the log, wish I could've been there. Sure looking forward to the MPR Bonestell. My MPR Bucky had a number of great flights this summer, logged them all here: EMRR
Thanks for posting the log, wish I could've been there. Sure looking forward to the MPR Bonestell. My MPR Bucky had a number of great flights this summer, logged them all here: EMRR

We wish you could have been there too.
Just so you know, I am still jealous of how well your Bucky turned out. Makes mine look like an AMC Gremlin.
Yeah, glad the transcript was posted..I decided to be a nice guy and go in and work(on my day off at that!)..A little more jingle in the pocket always helps!;)