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Jun 27, 2004
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I just set up a paypal account. I am trying to avoid linking it to a credit card...but everytime I try to send money to someone, it wants me to put a credit card in. I currently have about 40 bucks in there and NEED to spend it!!:D ;) Can someone help me out with this problem or must I link it to a credit card? Thanks.
I thought he only way to get money into a PayPal is to be linked to a bank account. Which in my opinion is worse than having a credit card in their system. I just gave them a card with a low limit which is the only way I know to pay anyone.
You need to link something to the account, be it a bank account or a credit card. That being said, there's more risk in leaving money in the account there than there is linking it to something else.
you can link it to one or another. to get the money back go to the get money section of your account and have it transfered back to your credit card or the will send you a mastercard debit card and you can pull it from a atm