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Dec 5, 2003
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Found in a thread in in amongst the flames, comments, and general mayhem was this gem

Oh great! Now how are we going to give poor unsuspecting snakes (albeit the smaller variety) the ride of their lives, or at least until the engine burns out? I swear that snake had a look of sheer terror on it's face when it came back to earth, so maybe there is some truth to this story..

Anyone else had any unusual payloads?

Don't think we need to expand much on this...we all know what is allowed and not. Shame they didnt.

I'm currently building a rocket for the purpose of launching a stuffed animal to 300 feet, consisting of a 2L pop bottle payload bay atop a BT-50 (24mm) and six large fins, pushed by a D12-5 + 4x A10-3 in fixed side booster pods (let's hear it for the Estes NC-5 pack!). Originally it was going to be for a friend's video project so it had a deadline, otherwise I'd be using the 5 motor engine kit from Fliskits. The rocket was written out of the script so there's no longer a time limit, but the rocket's half built anyhow.

The plushtronaut will be a Gekiganger III doll (top left in the image) from the Martian Successor Nadesico series.

I never have, and never will, launch anything living... unless it's me. :D
OH man....stuffed animals...don't tell my son...he will raid my daughters collection!

Originally posted by CTulanko
OH man....stuffed animals...don't tell my son...he will raid my daughters collection!


You know what - I'd kinda like to see that play out at VOA.. I've met your kids, that would definitely be Although, I kinda get the feeling that your daughter would be right there with
Mark...tell ya what, if she could find an orifice to put a motor in one of hers, you just might see that! She's as bad as me!!!

At last years Maryland funny meet we had "Barbie Bailout spotlanding competition" it was a riot, shame it had to be raining so attendance was so low:( We allowed any 6" and up figure to fly. My Buzz lightyear bean bag didn't make it out-of the modified super big bertha. Oh! the motor was restricted to D12':D