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Jan 18, 2009
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Here it is I will be adding kanard fins so what do we call it? Cramraam............:D Im open for input
Did sombody say LEVEL 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My copy-cat payloader is purple!!!!!!
When are we gonna drag race!!!!!!?????
Dr Don
Ill get every thing in order. Will they let me cert 1 in a dragrace lol Well who could refuse this ;)
I really like those canard fins!!!!!
I would insist on a slight modification of the lower fins before I
will allow credit for amraam-esque status!!!!!!
Does this mean I have to modify my purple dude before we can
have a fair drag race???????? Dr Don
I just got my chute for it from Edward he did a great job Ill post a pic tomarow when its light out