Pats Are Champs!

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Ryan S.

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Mar 24, 2003
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This is awesome the Pats have won the superbowl agian!

I love adam vinateiri!!!
Adam Played his High School football here in our home town. Ok not quite my town but we are on the outskirts of Rapid City.
But the Panthers were so close! I'm not happy, but I'm glad that we made it to the Superbowl, and there's always next year, and the year after that, and so on....:(
"The sun'll come your bottom dollar that, tomorrow......"

I got a kick out of that commercial.
Well we are back from Houston. Great trip, great game, just not a great outcome for me. :(

The Pats are a great team and to see Tom Brady in person and in action was quite a treat. Delhomme didn't exactly stink it up either. I can say I was there to see the longest TD reception in Super Bowl History along with the many other records that were broke. I think Carolina also broke the longest drive for a TD (95 yards) record.
Milo, I must agree, the Panthers had the partiot's D for breakfast, I couldnt believe it. but they sure played well, one of the best games I have ever seen
Milo, good to have you back......... Yes, it was not the outcome I had hoped for....... But Carolina didn't get beaten badly....... I know it wasn't going to be good when the Carolina kicker kick the ball out of bounds, giving it to them on the 40.........

Oh, I think the actual longest drive in Superbowl history was 96 yards......... 95 is a close second.......
Longest drive.... I think the USA Today reported that so take it for what it is worth. :D

I tried to verify it on the Internet but can't seem to find anything.