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Aug 29, 2009
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Eugene, Oregon
Hello All,
Does anyone have a decent picture that would show the paint scheme for an operational Patriot Missile? I understand that the tube is usually painted with a sand or army olive color. I've seen some stock photos on-line but they are not good quality and aren't helpful.

Hey Rich,

It's tough to find a good picture of an operational Patriot. I found a couple of pics last year and they were actually painted flat black. A lot of the pics on the net seem to be more test color schemes.
Some have a red-oxide color similar to Rustoleum primer.
I used Rustoleum Fusion paint called "sun dried tomato". Sounds weird but its a shade between red and the brownish primer color. No photos here at work.
The upper section and fins are a phenolic material, sometimes painted ,often not
This phenolic ranges from a greenish/yellow(like estes tried to mimic on their patriot) to a more rusty red color exposed on alot of the earlier rounds.
I had the same question and found this. Suposed to be at Ft. Bliss.

On the White Sands site they look like this.
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This one is supposed to be of one at the Air and Space Museum. Boy do I have to get back there.


This one is different.



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The second one seems to be a PAC -3.....

Hello Madcow...;)

And yes ,I would love to go back to DC and visit the A & Space museum.Just can`t do it all in a day.

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Make sure you view the pics I posted above at full resolution. They're all 1024 pixels tall.

If anyone wants to see a closeup of anything in particular, let me know. As you can see, it was standing vertical. Therefore, I have much better closeup shots of the bottom then I do the top. Gotta take the 300mm lens next time, or a stepladder! :)

Scode68, that second picture you posted os the pac-3 and the others are pac-2. Boy where the pac3 missile a huge headache when trying to get that system work with pac2 missiles back in 2003. I have pictures of the launcher and such as we rarely see the missile out of the canister.
Here are a few. I didn't post any of the nose because there's a good one in the post above.


Those are great pics, which educated me. I did not realize two things about the Patriot:

1. The fins have a diamond cross section (hello HoJo)
2. There is a slight boat tail