Patriot 'Drag racers'

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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
So, i had a slew of these kits; the Estes 'Patriot'. A great little kit. Simple, stylish, and a good performer!

So, i built up a few, and emptied a few 1/2 cans of paint, added a number (from a sheet used to mark shipping crates) and grey metallic stripes.

2 shown of the 4..

drag sm.jpg
Fly them on AP, they do very well. Not so exciting on a C.
Better make sure you have a big enough field and some binoculars! Do you have a launch system that can launch them simultaneously?
I think they look great! Would be fun to see them go up on a D10.:cool:
As an added bit of excitement to my demos, I set up a Desert Storm Drag Race between one of my TLP Scuds and an Estes Patriot or a mini-Patriot. :cool:
I agree! I moded mine with a 24mm MMT and 3mm plywood fins. I've flown it on APCP up to F24, an F39 is next.

abw, your right, binoculars come in very handy and a big field is required.

Yeah, mine is stock, with the exception of 1/8" plywood centering rings and two long streamers. Mine flew to about 1400 feet on a D13. I intend to fly it once more on a D13 next time, and then a D24 after that.