Passengers, anyone seen it?

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Rex R

Apr 21, 2010
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ran across a trailer 'Passengers'...I have only seen the trailers and they have some interesting stuff in them. like this bit
was wondering if anyone had seen it? thanks
Just saw it last night. I enjoyed it. A good story. Not as horrible as the critics would have you believe (of course that holds true for most of the movies I see. I must be too easily entertained :eyeroll: ). And any chance to see Jennifer Lawrence dressed or scantily dressed is a bonus... :wink:
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Couple of REALLY bad abuses of basic science for either a dramatic effect or to avance the plot, you have to accept a really egregious act by one of the main characters as a romance movie "meet cute" moment (its not as heinous as critics and folks with a grudge are portraying it - but it is a pretty bad thing), but Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are great together, the movie looks amazing, if you accept the flaws its pretty entertaining, and the ending is kinda nifty. We went on cheap ticket night - see it then or discount matinee.
Enjoyed it very much. And the ending was really unexpected. 'Hidden Figures' was a good story too, but I had trouble with its wild inaccuracies. License only goes so far until WTF.
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I want to see the movie Hidden Figures first.

Then see this one.

After that, to watch Rogue One again. Wow.

Hopefully I'll be able to go out to see at least one movie this week.
yeah, rotten tomatoes gave it a really bad rating, but others I've personally talked to have so far given it a thumbs up..

so, it's back on our list of 'to see' movies..
just put in a request for at the public library, I am #291 on the list, it may take awhile, the system lists 1 copy(on order). not sure if a swimming bath of water would react that rapidly...but it looks cool.
I was intrigued from the previews, but my interest was soured by the reviews and in particular the "egregious act" of a main character. I still hope to see it sometime.

I certainly do love the design of the ship, though!
I loved the movie! Chocked FULL of science fiction! Great scenery on the big screen (Would live in that pool's window/bubble!!) Jennifer does looks great! We get another Chris Pratt dance-off!! Pretty good humor....

Will own it on DVD someday!