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Jan 18, 2009
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Hi Everyone, A big day for me this past Saturday, I passed my NAR Level 2 flight at the first annual Erie Rocketry Group regional meet. Thanks to my home club, TriCity Skybusters, especially Les, Pat, Gerry, Mike, Barry, and Crashdaddy for their advice. Thanks to Erie Rocketry Group for their help, especially Jim, Kathy, Ken, Andy. Thanks to The Rocketry Forum, it's unbelieveable how much you can learn here by just reading this forum. And thanks most of all to Robert at Great Lakes Hobbies for teaching this BAR how to be successful at this hobby. I'm proud to be here.

Got any pics of that flight??? :D What rocket/motor did you use?

Thanks guys, Waiting for pics to develope, rocket was a stock LOC Magnum with a CTI PRO 38 6 grain J330.

And hey what's the deal here we gettin slack on this site for pics..

Where's the pics??????????????????? LOL
Congratulations! The profile needs a little work too!;)
thats awesome dude. congradulations. im sure its a great feeling, hopefully within 2 years i'll have my lvl2, i need my lvl 1 right now, next season. hopefully i get that same feeling. lol. it must be insane knowing that you can now fly L motors. lol. thats crazy. anyway, congrats, have fun, be safe, fly straight. ;)
thanks alot r1derman, l1 was great but l2 was even better! don't think i can afford l3, though. hope everything goes well for you.

great idea for the secret santa, you have to establish this as a holiday tradition now.
great talking to you.

oh man, most definately. if we get a good enough report on this one, then next year will definately be the SECOND annual.

L3 would be cool once. build a rocket and fly it once, on an N motor or something. really a great memory to add to your lifetime accomplishments portfolio. lol.
Attaboy Wick....

And you might as well get your self ready, That L3 urge will start gnawing on you. I know as the L2 urge has been all over me. I just can't get the scenario set for the flight. I may have to wait for Spring and NERRF for the real McCoy!

Meanwhile I'll just live vicariously with big honkin I motors.
Thanks a lot , Hospital, I'm afraid L3 will be just outside of what my wallet can handle. I think there is enough to learn and do at the L1/L2 levels to keep me busy for the rest of my days.