parts from damaged Executioner

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Sep 21, 2009
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The last time I flew the Executioner, it landed hard causing the major damage to the aft end. So i just cut off the unrepairable part. Now its about half the lenth then it used to be. Gonna put a 24mm mmt in it. I'll get pics, now since I got a digital camera:) more details to come
Kinda looks similar to mine. It last flew on an Aerotech E15-4W motor which actually turned out to have a 7-8 second delay, stripped the chute right at ejection as if it wasn't even there and landed smack on the roof of a school.

It was recovered 2 days later in pretty good condition with a loosened fin and some minor crimping of the lower body tube. At least it's still flyable.:D

This rocket needs a good chute, I'm going with nylon next time.;)
I'm starting to glue on the fins, I'll get a pic of before I repaint it then get a pic afterwards. Gonna fly it on an F24 for its maiden flight
if it's not too late I recommend glueing a coupler section or some balsa ribs above the fin area,,, one rough landing and it will crimp the tube above the fins very easily.