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Apr 1, 2017
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Is anyone interested in a Featherweight Parrot V2 altimeter?

I have one for sale... no reasonable offer refused,,,
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I'd recommend posting it in the yard sale. It will get snatched up SUPER quickly.

Because you're new, I'd recommend posting a picture with your username written somewhere in the photo (like on a piece of paper next to the altimeter). Nothing against you, we've just had our fair share of scammers on here, and some of us have been burned. :)

Welcome aboard! Make sure you post pictures of your rockets, we love pictures. :D
Couple questions about the Parrot. New/unused and if used, how many flights? Any hard landings? One needs to be aware that there is an onboard lithium cell which if original might be at the end of its service life. Would need to see if a replacement
is available online and one would need to have the soldering skills to replace the battery. It's something like an 80mah cell that just powers the computer. Another battery has to be provided for the pyro circuit. The other characteristic of the
Parrot that is a shortcoming is the continuity indication. The Parrot has 3 channels and the idiosyncrasy is there is no directional indication of the continuity on any of the channels. For instance all three channels can have ematches on them and if
one match is "bad" the continuity beep doesn't give any indication of the bad match or channel. If flying DD and one match is bad, that channel is going to fail period. Now to get around that, one can manually check each match with a continuity
checker and make sure each used channel is fastidiously connected to its respective terminals. I missed a leg on an apogee charge on a Parrot and the ballistic main on descent resulted in a lost rocket. I heard the "generic" continuity beep and
assumed all was well.
So, if one is interested in a Parrot, they must take into account the short comings. That said, it's a very tiny unit, even smaller than a Raven. I believe they went out of production because each one had to be hand calibrated in a pressure chamber before
they went out the door. Remember, with an old used unit, the onboard battery might best be replaced and there are two screw switches on the board one must contend with which can be a challenge in some installations.
One to turn the computer side on and the other to apply power through the pyro circuit for flight. They are on the same side of the board but at different ends. Might take two holes in an ebay to access to twist on. Kurt