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Jan 18, 2009
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While stocking up on fun toys for the summer for my kids I came across a great find.
Our local Target store had bins of cheap summer toys (sand shovels, checkers, army men) and I came across Parachute Man for $1.99. Its the type of toy that comes with an army figure with a parachute that you throw up into the air, chute opens and the little guy floats down. Upon opening to my surprise was a 12" nylon chute. Now here's the kicker, the leading edge of the chute where the shroud lines would connect too had a fabric mesh sowed all the way around it with one shroud line connected to the center of the mesh coming down to tie to the army man. Well, I loaded it up in my Estes Megga Sizz and went to my favorite rocket eating tree park for a test flight.
Up she goes, perfect deployment at about 800ft. and she starts coming down. Low and behold right into a 60 ft. oak tree........but she slipped right through. Due to the lack of shroud lines and the fact that the underside of the parachute is covered my the mesh there was nothing for the tree limbs to snag on. When the parachute inflates coming down, the rocket almost looks like it had a large balloon attached to the top of it. I know a picture is worth a thousand words and I have my fellow TRF members scraching there heads, but if you have a Target near you go check it out. I will have a pic up shorlty.
Sounds kind of like the 'anti-snag' wires across the front of the hooks on fishing lures, to keep them from getting stuck on weeds-n-stuff under the water

Thanks for the tip, I will have to go look now-----
I can afford these! Gonna go to Target! Thanx for the heads up, LocalX!

I've seen a guy with one of these at a launch before. It worked great and seems almost impossible to tangle.
Unfortunately I have yet to find any in any store.
Time to take another look.

Its semms like they could me made easier than regulaer chutes to. I have seen mesh at fabric stores, and could you just sew that on smaller chutes to make a tree proof rocket
I know exactly what you're talking about! I used to drop them from the 2nd floor at my mom's old office when I was smaller!
Jr. astronaut for me.
I like the looks of those chutes. Time to get me a few.
.. wow...just ordered the chef outfit !
thanks for posting!
Originally posted by Jacques
You can find them here:

And they sell plastic chutes for rockets too. Too bad they don't put the two ideas together.

This is a wholesale place. They suggested price of the chutes is about 7 bucks. Whole sale is probably about half that. They come in boxes of 24. That'd be about $100 for two dozen snag proof chutes. If I weren't dumping all my allowance into carbon fiber sleeves....