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Jan 17, 2009
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Has anyone made a parachute from a Mylar balloon? I was planning on cutting it in half along the seam and attaching the shroud lines as per normal. Any suggestions, or is this a good way to get a rocket back in tiny pieces?
I've heard of that. Solmoriah has done it and I watched it fly. Make sure you use the standard electrical tape or avery sticky binder circles for the shroud line holes.

I like to use plastic table covers from my local party supply store. One cover costs $2 and will give you several chutes. 20+ 12" or ten or so 18" hex parachutes.

I've used them - the biggest problem is that the resulting chute isn't very big (11" - 12" or so).

You might also try space blanket material - you can get a lot of silver mylar chutes from one, and you can make them just about any size too.

As for shroud lines, I usually just tie a small knot in each end of the shroud and use invisible tape to hold it down (loop it around so the knot and about 1" of shroud is under the tape. Also, be sure to use Micromeister's shroud rigging method for hex chute to avoid shroud tangling:
Thanks, you guys confirmed my plan pretty well, I know it be a smallish chute but it was to fun to pass up. I have a space blanket set aside for chute making.
This is a great way to get cheap pre-printed parachutes. An 18" is pretty typical to find anywhere, for as little as $0.50 each or more, (if you want to mail order them). Some of the discount party supply places may have them at a reasonable price, without the helium.