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Jan 5, 2011
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I'm planning a relatively stubby 5.5"x69" build that will have a central 54mm motor mount and a pair of 29mm mounts for airstarts. Due to the length constraint, and because I want the primary deployment altimeter (an RRC3) to fire the airstarts, I would like the rocket to have one avionics bay and only one separation point. After looking at a number of options including tender descenders, cable cutters, and parachute cannons, I have decided that parachute cannons seem to be the easiest to work with. I specifically like the design that Boris Katan used in his Hellboy. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of design? Are there any downsides to this recovery scheme that I should be aware of?
I use a dual deployment system based on a Stratologger. It is built into a quick install module which has an integrated cannon for the main chute. Drogue is packed between module and nosecone so there is only one separation point. I can use this module in several models so the Stratologger has flown 50 times in 4 different rocket over the last 3 years.



I recently added a Miitimer4 to the module and flew the module in my 2-stage model. Air start and dual recovery of 2nd stage working perfectly!

To my opinion no disadvantage to the cannon principle. I can charge the cannon outside the rocket, and install it into the rocket with one simple operation. The module is secured in place by the aluminium plate as you can see in the top view pic.
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