Paper model of Jupiter AM-18, scale 1:96

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May 21, 2003
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Model of Jupiter AM-18, scale 1:96

Hello group,

My latest model is now available : a quite simple but
accurate model of the Jupiter rocket, Bioflight 2 AM-18.

After Gordo ( not Cooper, but the monkey ;-)) this rocket
launched the 2nd and 3rd small primates, called Able and Baker.
On board were more living things, such as fish eggs, seeds, plants, mould spore, etc..

Launches such as these gave us knowledge about the possibility
of life in space and the conditions needed to make it possible
in the first place.

Few people know this rocket, but this launch, as well as some
others, paved the way for men to go into space.

A small rocket with a significant place in space history.

This rocket only made a long jump, and did not go around
the Earth. Just like Alan Shepard, the payload of this
rocket would only go into sub-orbital flight, splashing
down into the ocean 1302 miles further East.
All of the living things inside made it back home unharmed.

The model is available at :
Look under "modelbouw"