Papa Elf is getting married

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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Yep. On May 27, Papa Elf will finally tie the knot at my church. Got the getaway planned, and the honeymoon :). The getaway is going to a town about an hour away and spend the night there. I have to work memorial day (a half day), so I will be leaving for the honeymoon on Tuesday. Rented a cabin for four nights near a state park a couple hours away where we can go fishing and other activities. I also have good seats booked at Sight & Sound theaters to see Jonah. I may post a yard sale to sell off rocket stuff to get some much needed cash since a lot had gone on the card for this. If you feel the need to contribute in any way, feel free to pm me.
Congrats! Mrs. N00b is finally really becoming Mrs. N00b this month as well!

We're having a "pre-honeymoon," by which I mean, we're going to launch some rockets the weekend before.
Isn't there a 1970s love song says something about skyrockets in flight?
Oh, and congratulations!
Ah, Doug, my fellow rocketeer-wishing you the happiness, love, comfort and peace finding that right person will bring! Many joyous adventures to you and yours. May many anniversaries follow! Congrats!
Sweet.....congrats to you and your wife-to-be!
Fishing, "other activities" huh? hmmmmmmmmm.

Best of luck to you two for the honeymoon and beyond.

Very best wishes to you and your bride.

May there always be smoke in your chimney and may your house always be too small to hold all your happiness.
Good for you both,,
This is wonderful news,,
may you enjoy each other for all time...