Painting with Midwest Aero Gloss yellow.

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Jan 20, 2009
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I'm used to using Krylon and Rustoleum spray paints, but today I tried using Midwest Aero Gloss Cub Yellow paint on two models because it was closer to the shade of yellow that I wanted than Krylon yellow. However, it seems like I had to put down coat after coat after coat... and I ran out of the paint before I got a really good finish. :shock:

Does anyone have experience using this paint? Any recommendations on how to get a good finish with it?

Another reason that I used the Aero Gloss is that often I get bubbling when I use Krylon yellow (I never had a problem like this with other Krylon colors. Any have any ideas on that one?
Is it possibly dope rather than paint? I have some Aero Gloss Yellow Dope and that's why I ask.
Aerogloss is dope. It used to be made by Pactra and is now under the Muidwest brand. As far as I know it is only available in jars now. The sprays are old stock so you may have trouble finding another can. Pactra also made a Formula U which was supposed to be a one part spray urethane but I don't believe it ever went by the name Aerogloss.

The fuel proof paints are generally thinner and take many coats. Especially if you don't have a one color base. The lighter colors are the worst (like yellow).

I used Top Flite Fuel proof red paint on a rocket a few years ago and it started out looking orange until I got enough paint on it. I thought they had mislabeled the can at first. The more coats the darker it got.

If you have Aerogloss spray it may have been discontinued. I think the Formula U is discontinued too. If you can't find any more the good news is that you can put pretty much anything over it.
I use Aero Gloss when I need the lightest possible finish (measured in grams). It also shrinks--which is sometimes an advantage.
The sprays are old stock so you may have trouble finding another can.

I went to the local hobby shop, and fortunately they did have one more can of the Cub Yellow spray. I was suprised to see that their stock of AeroGloss was really sparse... and now I know why.