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Paintball stuff for sale

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Feb 2, 2003
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I had bought everything need to play painballa few weeksago but after realizing it was one of those impulse buys and I really needed that money for a K500W or K1275R, I have decided to sell everything. Here it what is for sale:

Kingman Spyder Victor II (with barrel plug and wrenches and spare O rings for tank)

20 oz tank (~3/4 full of CO2)

Brass Eagle Sentry Mask with fog resistant lens

JT Neck Guard

View Loader 200 round hopper

View Loader 2x 100 round pods with belt and holder

Total: $145 without shipping (buyer pays for shipping)

The gun has only had ~600 round put through it and everything else was only used once. The gun is great and really accurate. Great especially for begginers! No problems at all with anything! PM me if you are interested. THANKS!
dont quit paintball rules youll enjoy paintball for a lot longer than 1 K launch, buuuuuut how much for the neck protecter:D
Originally posted by JoJo
buuuuuut how much for the neck protecter:D

Ha! The first time I went paintballing, I was decked out. Camo, huge hopper, great helmet, thick pants, no ankle showing. Turns out that I got hit in the neck twice, and once in the groin (.....painful.....)
Every time I have been paintballing, I have been nailed in the crotch from a fairly close range. Needless to say, it is not my favorite pastime.
LOL!! I have yet to experience that particular joy, although I do believe I will now be investing in a cup.

I currently shoot with a Bushmaster, a Hyperframed Automag and a regular nickel plated Automag. I use the standard 'Mag for woods ball (it's freaky accurate with a 16" AA barrel on it) and the Bushy for tourneys (not as accurate, but it lays down a heavy stream). The most important piece of gear though is your mask. If you can't see and hear, you might as well go home. I tried 'em all and settled on a Proteus 2. Comfy as all get out, great visibility and you can hear INSANELY well with it.
Bushmaster = RULES! I used to have a Emag & a tippmann98 custom. Thats until I sold them and used the cash on rocketry :D
today i found out my teacher plays paintball:D . as far as markers go i currently shoot a bob long melinnium with a 12 inch J@J barell:rolleyes: but im looking at used impulses
sick mask....but expensive....DYE invision...i bought one, but then i realised that the add ons(fan and timer) and a total of like 70 bucks!!! and i paid 149.99 for the mask!!
anyway, i shoot with a spyder tl (old school TL not the new one) with an E-grip 3.0 and a haloB(overkill) loader. i might be interested in the pods and belt if you would seperate. what kind of belt?
JoJo, make sure you replace the LPR right away. Love Bushies....but the regs are crap on 'em.
Depends on the tank. Aluminum tanks are theoretically good forever (yaright). Chromoly tanks need to be hydrotested every 3 years. This is presuming you're talking CO2 tanks since you described it in oz. instead of cu. in. Either way, they're pretty cheap, but you should get at least 3 years out of any tank you get unless you pound the snot out of it.

Also, being in Mass, you have to be careful using CO2 when the temp drops below 60 degrees. It liquefies pretty easily when you release the pressure to run air through the marker. Most guys around here cover that by strapping those disposable handwarmer packs to the tank with duct tape.

If you have an electronic marker, make the switch to compressed air. Liquid CO2 running through an electronic marker can create some real problems, and with the rate of fire on an electronic marker, you WILL run liquid through it.
most definately. getting a nitro setup is advisable. even at the cost. co2 is good for low cost shooting, however, nitro is a lot better for the winter. a 20oz tank lasts a while. i had a 20oz hanging around for about a year and a half and was still full pressure(i didnt have a gauge, but it seemed full pressure, considering the velocities).
not to be rude but could we keep this thread related to the purchasing or bidding of my stufff. Thanks!
$105 without shipping.

100 round pods(2x) with holders-$12
Brass Eagle Sentry Mask with for resistant lens- $20

Total-$100 plus I had to pay tax so that makes it $105 without shipping.

Just in case you wanted to know:

20 oz tank-$30

Neck guard- $7