Paint Suggestions for MADCOW Patriot


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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
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So decided not to fly my L2 naked and put a decent paint job on it with some decals from Stickershock

I would like to get the "SCUD BUSTER" decal set for the Patriot. Something different and they look cool, but I want to change up the paint scheme on the Patriot. Nothing too busy, but unique and clean.

So here are my thoughts - I'll paint the entire rocket white. On the nose cone I want to paint the tip red and black, About 3" down paint the black and then maybe an 1.5" down paint red. By the payload where there's a red band I'll probably paint that, but not the yellow. The fin can will be red, but I might use 1" tape between the fin root edge and body so when I paint the fin can red, once I pull the tape back there will be a white band there to add a little something to the design. So 1" between the fin and body tube will be white.

Thoughts suggestions or pictures?
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