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May 11, 2009
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Does anyone know what's up with Totally Tubular? I emailed Jim Fackert about an order and got a prompt response saying what I needed was in stock. So I made a PayPal transaction as requested. Jim said he got the payment. It has now been 3+ weeks with no shipment. I understand these things take time, but what frustrates me is that I've emailed 3 times with no response.

Does anybody have a better (personal) way of contacting Jim, or know why his shipping may be delayed or why he's incommunicado?


Tim Reidy
Alamo Rocketeers
Same thing happened to me. I finally got my order after well over a month. I go with BMS now. Bill gets the stuff out next day and I have been more than happy with his service.
TT carries some sizes that BMS doesn't list on their order form. I would have been happy to order from BMS as I have many times in the past, but I needed an odd size.

Tim Reidy
Alamo Rocketeers