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Sep 22, 2009
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hey all you people down there in S Cal, are you going to be having any launches between (or on) 3/27 and 4/3? i might be down there for that period of time, and thought i might as well see if i could get to a launch!! Unfortunately i wont have any of my rockets (unless i bring a few LPRs), but still!
Thanx in advance guys, and i hope to be getting down there! (i need to get away from this snow... :D )
Since you didn't say just how far south in SoCal you were talking about, here's the link for the link for the info on the Tripoli San Diego launch out in the desert for April 3. It's a HPR launch, but we fly just about everything that's not experimental out there.

actually, i'm going to be IN San Diego! the link didn't show in your post, if you could tack it up there again i'd appreciate it.
Now, i just have to wait until my mom gets home to get the A-OK from her... its going to be a long day!!! :rolleyes:
maybe i'll ever get to meet you there.... thanx! Nate
My linking isn't working. Try going to the calendar and clicking on the Tripoli San Diego event for April 3rd. It's got the link in there.

I just checked the DART page ( and they have a LPR launch on March 27. They only run from 8am to noon, and it's on an island near downtown San Diego, so it's mostly just smaller, lower flights.

thanx man! i just went to, and got all the info i really need. i wana see the big stuff, since i can do all that little stuff here;)
what kinds of things do you usualy see at an ordinary launch? in other words, what should i come expecting??
thanx again:)
well we got the plane tickets yesterday, and i just heard from my aunt saying that we can go to the launch! we'll be there on Sat the 3rd... is any1 else going to be there? (other than wwattles, that is:rolleyes: )
well, i'm rather exited... hope we have good weather!;)
You'll most likely see a lot of LPR, and several G's, H's, and I's. Last month couple months, we saw some M's. There will most likely also be one or two folks going for L1/L2 certs, especially this time of year.
Expect the weather to be hot and very dry (bring water and a hat), and dress in light layers since the days start out pretty cold and get up in the 90's by mid afternoon. Launches usually start around 9 (it takes a while to get all the gear set up and for people to get going, besides, it's a ways out there!), with the big stuff starting around 11 or noon. They also usually keep going into the night. From SD, it's about a 90-minute drive out there, but it's well worth it!