Packing Deployment Bag wo/Elastic Retention Bands

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Jan 18, 2016
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I have a deployment bag for my large, 14' Rocket Man parachute. This bag doesn't have any elastic bands on it to fold and retain the chute lines. Normally, I would just stuff the chute into the bag. Without the external chute line retention, how do people pack these bags? I read folding the chute up into a deployment bag is bad. But just stuffing would lead to line tangling risk.

I've watched Tom Cohen do it many times. He stuffs the chute into the bag, then just sort of coils the lines and lays them on top of the chute. No fanfare.
Just stuff the chute into the bag starting at the top point and working down to the shroud lines. You can fan fold the shock cord and place a wrap of masking tape around every 3-4 folds. I did this on my 5" Dynacom Exocet and it worked perfectly every flight.
Nah. For my main.

Edit: Wait, do you mean to pull the bag away from the main? Then yes. I have a pilot chute with the nosecone that will pull the bag out with the main. They separate.

That is exactly what I meant- I just used the wrong word.

Are you planning on complete free bag were the nose cone pilot and bag are totally seperate?
The nose cone goes with the pilot and the bag. The main comes out of the bag and is no longer associated with it.

I do something similar, but use a small diameter 150 lb Dacron line, about 100 ft. tied to the top of the main and the d-bag. Drogue is sized to bring the nose cone down slower then the main brings the rocket down. The Dacron line keeps everything together and the difference in decent rates keeps the nose cone and pilot above the main on the way down.

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