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Oct 8, 2002
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Hey Guys

Anyone had any experience with the Ozark ARTs altimeter, Whats it like to use, how long is it's batteriy life, how easy is it to connect to computer etc

any help would be appreciated
Very easy to use, battery life is long (though I've never tested it, I've had rockets sit out on the pad through raffles with the ARTS beeping away and it deployed fine, and then I re-used the same battery for another flight with no problems), and connection to a computer is INCREDIBLY simple. I got a unit when they first came out, and it had a few firmware details that needed to be fixed (fired 0.5 sec after apogee, kinda reminds me of the first-generation R-DAS firmware), but I upgraded the FW myself with directions from Loki and have had NO problems at all. If you've ever used an ALTACC, it's similar but a whole lot easier to use, and Jeff actually *responds* to your emails... awesome customer service.

Great, great unit.
I have 3 of them , Just the best bang for the buck!
It has almost all the features of the R-DAS at half the cost.
To date I've logged about 10 flights on mine.

One tip though:

Remember to turn off the unit after you program it via your computer or the battery will go dead. It doesn't make a sound if you have it connected to your computer & leave it sit a while.

Download the program software & take a look at the attched file from the ARTS....

I just got one and I love it. I have one flight on it so far and it worked great, easy setup, easy download onto the computer
Glad to hear you folks like the electronics. We are continually trying to improve it, and are currenty working on incorporating new features, some of which have been great suggestions from customers. So keep on talking to us!

Hey Darren,

how about making them cheaper? ;)

Just kidding, hope to be getting one of these eventually.
Ok the info can be seen at:


Click on Products, then Electronics.

The $180 was deemed the right price. We feel that we are far superior to other altimeters that are a bit more expensive. The profits at this point are flowing back into product development.
I'm sure some of you at LDRS saw the 3" LED display board we were demoing there.

Ok I give up..Xenon, what's a PM?
Glad to see you on TRF Darren!

PM=private message; you should consider going to profile/options and setting pop-ups so you see PMs when you log in. You can alternatively just look at the bottom blue bar on the main page, and double click on same if you see you have unread messages. Be aware that email via TRF is currently broken.