Outside picture example of wireless system with 15 foot hookup wires.

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Nov 7, 2004
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As you can probably tell I'm obsessed with this thing :) Simply because it works so beautifully. I added this new picture because I wanted to show what it would look like with a full length hookup wire attached. My original version used short hookups, but for larger rockets I want more length. Again the on switch is on the receiver which is the little grey box closest to the camera. In this picture the antenna lead is hooked up to the launch rod but I do not have an engine in the rocket etc because it's too wet today to launch anyway(and I'm in front my house in this image). I have used my system for many others though. For those that did not read the other thread, the system uses a Yellow Bee airplane radio system available for 39 bucks from Hobby-lobby(The RC one not the craft store). The system is ONLY ARMED when you flip the switch at the receiver end, just like inserting your key on your estes controller.