outer space looking picture made with Kryon spary paint

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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I was at the fair last today and last year and they have this lady that paints these great looking picture with Kyron spray paint. It take only about 3 to 5 minutes for her to paint them. She whips papar across them to make some of the details and other tools. They are the coolest looking picture that i have ever seen. Here is her web site go to the bottom and look at the Galley.


I do not know this lady at all I just think they are very interesting.

Yeah, its neat to see those being made. They get some interesting effects...and quickly too. My son bought one many years ago in Myrtle Beach.
The one he bought did use circular stencils IIRC for the planets.
a few people i know are graffiti artists that do legal work, and the stuff they do is amazing

they painted a full new york city scene with spider man swinging on a wall, it was incredible
I was at Aviation Challenge in Huntsville last year, and at the main place, their was this guy doing these awesome spray paintings of space. It took him like five minutes per picture, and he would light it on fire and move so fast you could hardley tell what was happening. Ill post a link when i find it.
Originally posted by rocket trike
For her circles she uses a cake or pie pan.

Yeah that's what the guy we saw used now that you remind me. Saw this style again this summer in Reno.
Check out https://www.seboart.com and download the video. This kind of art doesn't seem all that difficult to duplicate. I can't say with any certainty that my first 10 attempts would look exactly like the painting in the video, but I can easily see how copycats come about. At https://www.spacepaintings.com you can even buy a "how to" instructional video that teaches one how to "spray paint" art.

This isn't to say that I am taking anything away from those that are spray paint artists - because they have learned it and mastered it - but the method does seem repeatable.
I was in NYC back in March. Times Square has probably hundreds of street musicians & artists "performing" all hours of the day & night for block along Broadway. I watched a guy turning out space scenes with Krylon spray paint in a matter of minutes. He used various common circular objects to create his planets & would spray his fingers before flicking the paint off onto whatever his "canvas" was to create smaller stars. I didn't stop long enough to see what he was charging but it was impressive for how quickly he was working.

This woman's work IMHO is even cooler because of the fantasy landscapes added. Thanks for sharing!
i can get a few of my friends to paint one for me... might as well try it

btw is you look on devian art and just look around for graff guys its amazing some of their work
Here is a 16" x 20" picture of I got today for my new logo and busines cards. I am getting a 2 foot x 4 foot for a sign for the launches I plan on attending next year.