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Mar 18, 2012
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Some of you may remember Our Children's Future. This was a group project by Connor, Cody, David, and I, under the mentorship of Jim Scarpine.

We went to fly it at LDRS 34.
OCF 1.jpg

However, some dingus decided that the best place to ground test it would be loaded on the launch pad.
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OK, it was actually because the launch detect altitude got set from 500 feet to 50 feet. Learning times.

Well, it flew again eventually (at a later launch date) on a KBA M3500.

OCF M3500.jpg

However, OCF will be back and badder than ever at LDRS 36! We will be flying on one hell of a blue load by Burl Finklestein. This 98mm blue load works out to an N2961! We're expecting altitudes in the 7000 foot range.

We've also recently learned that we will be getting to fly KATE by Multitronix in this rocket! This will be a flight to remember.

Make sure to give our Facebook page a look. We'll be posting some updates there in the coming weeks leading to LDRS. :)
Nice. I missed the original flight planned for LDRS34. It will be nice to see it take to the skies!
That picture of the, uh, "ground test" is one of my favorite ever. Good luck this year, I have some slim hope of attending and seeing it in person.

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