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Feb 28, 2009
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I know TRF 1.0 had a thread like this, but unless I've missed something that was a while ago. So I'll start a new one...

What do you do for giggles besides rockets?

Me, I'm into Rat Rods... looking to get an old truck cab right now to turn into an e-vile vehic-ile. ;) I also ride ATV when time permits-not the ramp-tacular stunts, just cruising through the woods.
Really, there ARE other hobbies?!?!:confused:

I did THINK about getting into RC Planes..Got an RTF 2-channel job and proceeded to crash it on my first flight!:rolleyes: Nope, just rockets right now for me! May get around to putting together and tinkering a little bit with my N-scale railroad...
Car cruises with the Cobra, Golf, English dart team (Boys night out)
All the expensive ones
Playing guitar, candlepin bowling, stamp collecting (though lately I haven't been doing much with it), small collection of space memorabilia. Most of my time is spent working and being a single dad living with two teens.
Sometimes a little Guitar Playing, Leatherwork, Woodworking and sometimes combine a couple with building Z-scale Train layout....also help out as much as a can with the better 2/3rds Ceramic Hobby...pouring and humping molds and such keeps me occupied when rocketry overload or brainlock sets in.

Carved Leather Guitar Strap-a_1986.JPG

Carved Leather Pegasus Purse-b_1987.JPG

Custom Ceramic Chess Set_& wooden Board-Cabinet_1991.jpg

Z_Group const-pg 09_3pic Ext. Compete pg_01-01-06.jpg

Layout Const-d1_1st Run Main Line Test run_02-22-06.jpg
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Well I Build Plastic models, Science Fiction, reading, I've been seen on a ski slope here and there.
Camping/backpacking, ham radio, restoring vintage ("hollow state") electronics, homebrewing, playing guitar.

Did a fair bit of hot-rodding/drag racing in my younger years...
I have way too many hobbies:

1. coin collecting (collection inherited from my grandfather and continued by me, coins going back to 1859),

2. bicycling (built my own 18 speed road bike, ride 1000+ miles/yr),

3. chess (weekly game at chess club),

4. camping/hiking (once or twice a year in Adirondack Mountains),

5. model trains (Lionel O gauge layout in my basement),

6. Indonesian language (practice almost every day).
Excellent! There's certain a plethora of activities to do in conjunction with rockets... There were years (some may remember when I was on here constantly) where rocketry was my life, but with no local club I've had to curtail the obsession somewhat even though I still churn out models that are "display" for the time being. :) Keep the lists coming!

I'm also a reader (should go without saying for an english major though, lol)

Some other "wayside" hobbies of mine are collecting military memorabilia (the real stuff that's seen action), writing (though that should be seen as grooming for my career), woodworker. Starting to weld now too.

What else do you people do when ya get fried with rockets?
I fly model planes.

I usually fly them more than rockets, because the field is only ten minutes away.
I haven't had time for hobbies for a while but our family does enjoy camping (also how we'll afford to attend NARAM this year - yay!) I also have a 1948 Farmall Cub tractor and I SCUBA dive (okay, I used to until I had kids). Someday maybe I'll have time and money at the same time...
Lately, homeowner projects, cooking, and most recently, being a father to a newborn. :eek:
For me, there's photography.

But most of the videos and stills I take are of ... rockets. :)

-- Roger
Camping, kite flying, golf, n-scale model railroading, and small telescope astronomy. Out of the nine telescopes I own, all but three are 80mm and smaller, and are just as enjoyable to use, if not more so, than my 8" dob. I've dabbled with electric RC planes, and, really enjoy flying the easy two channel ones. I tried a couple of times with a three channel Aerobird, but, the first crash made me realize how expensive just learning to fly could be. I quickly decided it's not a hobby I want to try to squeeze into the budget.

John, love the z-scale layout, and, the case is beautiful! Very nice craftsmanship!

I like to fish a lot, umm, horseback riding when I'm lucky. :confused2:
John/Micromeister left out one of his hobbies: taking pictures of anything and everything, putting digital labels on them, and archiving them in a cross-indexed system for quick reference posting on TRF.

It's good to know some things haven't changed in the 20 months I've been gone. ;)
Besides rocketry well...

Astronomy, storm chasing, r/c planes, playing my bass guitar, fishing, and the newest thing for me is skydiving. None of these are cheap hehe. I do have some other things I do, but those are the main ones. Since our launch field has been unusable most of the year I've been using my money for jumping instead. These were taken on #33 a couple nights ago and I think they are awesome :D


Posting on rocketry forums and rocketry discussion groups (that's a biggie :D ). And, umm...what else? Hmmm... I'll have to get back to you on that. :eek:


Actually, I also collect vintage fountain pens, hike in the mountains, astronomy (mostly just naked-eye backyard observing at the present time), a little bit of kindergarten-level digital photography, some cardmodeling, howling at the moon and spouting nonsense in way too many web posts...

Someday I'm going to get back on my road and mountain bikes and start riding seriously again...Yessir, any day now...

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RC airplanes and helicopters, astronomy, cycling, mtn biking, camping/hiking, science fiction books. I have too many hobbies I know.

Building Plastic and Paper Models
Going camping in my family's RV
Boat Riding
Playing Trombone and Bass Guitar
woodworking, target shooting, gardening, reading, antique cars, model railroading (large scale), plastic scale models, American Civil War reenacting (field music(fife) & band (tenor horn)), community band, house & yard DIY remodeling/repair/construction projects, camping and backpacking, plus a bunch of semi-latent hobbies, like photography, bicycling, guitar and Autoharp

Never a lack of something to do!
I know TRF 1.0 had a thread like this, but unless I've missed something that was a while ago. So I'll start a new one...

What do you do for giggles besides rockets?

Me, I'm into Rat Rods... looking to get an old truck cab right now to turn into an e-vile vehic-ile. ;) I also ride ATV when time permits-not the ramp-tacular stunts, just cruising through the woods.

I'm gathering up the pieces to build a ratrod myself:) I've known about the body I get to use from an old (from Jr. HS) friend. It's a 1933 Hupmobile and it should make a cool rod. If it's too far gone, which I doubt, then there's the old panel truck that juust miight woork;)

Check out rpeek on youtube, he's working over a ratrod and has a bunch of vids you can watch.

I also spend an inordinant amount of time playing City of Heroes and Dark Orbit :p

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Rarely do I get to keep up with any of my other hobbies. Well, not so much "hobbies" as "other interests"... :)

Fishing (bass, trout, fly fishing, surf fishing)
hiking (used to camp a lot, but have fallen away from that)
pumpkin carving
Ukrainian egg decorating
graphic arts / photography
wood working (havn't in a LONG time...)

many more that I just don't do at all any more... not enough time LOL

Too many bills. Too many things need fixing around the house. I'd like to catch up on my Mechwarrior: Dark Age novels. I'm a couple of years behind. If money were no object I'd love to build and fly large scale warbirds.
1/35 scale armor
stained glass (the duck took 200 hours)
woodworking (the door took 100 hours)
computer flight sim, playing IL-2 online as Zeus-cat
paying taxes
paying taxes
travel - planning a trip to Greece and Egypt this year
paying taxes
feeding tree rats in my backyard (lots of albinos around my house)
Restoring a B-17 (photo of the B-17 pilot's seat in work)

3 Albino Squirrels.jpg

Albino Squirrel 2.jpg



Golf (12 handicap)
RC cars and boats
Autocrossing and drag racing my Dodge SRT-4
Road racing my Suzuki GSXR1000

When the weathers bad...

Steel tip darts
Reading (bought a Kindle and love it)
Origami (been folding for 35 years)
Building Legos
Chasing my one year old
and cooking is pretty fun most of the time too