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Jan 21, 2009
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I know there are quite a few computer types on the forum
I posted this question to an audio forum but it just gets way off topic

whenever I put a music cd in my cd or dvd drive It makes this wobbly or gurgling sound during playback..the computer is fairly new P4 that shoud have no problems playing cd's..

I do not have the problem when I listen to internet radio..

I don't have any effects on(srs,wow,ect...)it's really irritating!
I think I've been thru every menu, but can't find what is causing it

can anyone help?
Let's talk troubleshooting here:

Have you tried the following:

1) Unplugging the speakers and replacing them with a different set or some headphones. If yes, then we know that the problem is within the computer itself.
2) Does your CD drive have a headphone jack on the front of it? Try plugging headphones into that to see if the problem still exists.
3) Play the CD and turn down the computer's volume control - does the sound continue? Also, when you put your head right next to the computer, does the CD drive motor sound like it's spinning evenly, or does it sound like it's a touch off-center?

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I should add that it doesn't matter if I use Win Media Player ,or musicmatch jukebox...same results...

I'll dig out some headphones and try the other suggestions WWattles ..thanks !
Originally posted by stymye
lol.....(yea it's saying"buy more rockets")

I don't even have to have the CD in the computer or even be near a computer to hear that! I hear those voices all the time.

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BTW,still looking for my headphones ,,It seems like the music is fine but has the wobby sound in the background(or on top of it) ..I put my ear to the cd drive and it seems to run pretty smooth.. kinda hard to tell over the fan tho.

I also reduced all the volume levels I could find to 50% still no fix
My first thought is to make sure all your drivers are up to date. Don't let Windows Update look for you, though. Check the mfgr's website.
I also might be a badly shielded digital audio cable. There are 3 cables that attach to a CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD drive: power cable (with 4 wires & white plug), data ribbon cable (flat wide one), & then a thin cable with a small, flat connector on it--that's the audio cable!

See if it runs real close to the power supply or is pinched. Possibly EMF interference... While it might be difficult to hunt down a replacement, at least their cheap when you find 'em! (You can also try borrowing one from another PC that doesn't have the problem!)

by chance what kinda computer? i know my lite-on drives crap out alot...
The effect you describe is called "flutter". It's usually due to uneven playback speed, in this case probably the motor, and most likely the bearings in the motor. 10 to 1, that's your problem. These days there's hardly ever such a thing as fixing components; it's usually cheaper to replace them. Try replacing the drive temporarily and see if a different drive does the same thing on your machine.

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