Orion sighting?


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Jan 17, 2009
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Is anyone close to Chicago, and has a couple hours to go snap a bunch of pictures? You're going to have to move fast, it will be gone in a couple days.
This sounds like it is on a "road trip" and may also show up in a few other towns, so maybe someone else will have a chance to see it and get some photos.

The story as it appeared in our company online newsletter:

Orion Rocket Mock-Up Gets 3 Day Display In Chicago
An Orion rocket mock-up goes on display Tuesday outside Chicago's Adler Planetarium.
The 45-foot-long system is known as the LAS Pathfinder. NASA and Lockheed Martin are bringing it to Adler for three days in celebration of World Space Week.
The system is designed to pull the Orion crew module away from the launch vehicle during an emergency on the pad or while climbing to orbit.
The mock-up is stopping in Chicago and other cities on a trip from the U.S. Army's White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was used in New Mexico to prepare for a May abort flight test.
A large flatbed trailer is transporting the mock-up cross-country.