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Jul 1, 2012
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Does anyone know where the VMX series can be had? They seem to be backordered constantly and only two dealers in the U.S. I have rocket fever for a VMX!

Here's the latest word I got from Gary:


It's been a while, and I owe you some explaination...

The kits have been delayed - AGAIN - due to another mix up with my balsa
cutter/manufacturer, the balsa was mixed grain (ie some parts of the kit
were inferior/heavier grade than the other) which would have resulted in
changes to the flight profiles. I just couldn't accept the lower quality
and had to return the kits.

Now for the good news...

The "refurbished" kits should be with me by the end of this week -
together with the very first batch of pre-production VMX-3 kits, the
single channel R/C version!

Hopefully I'll have some more soon.
Hi Dennis,
If you're desperate to get your hands on VMX (well worth it) you might consider ordering from a UK vendor. www.deepskyrocketshop.co.uk appear to have some in. Beware, the exchange rate is against you though and I'm not sure what the import/export control is like.
Gary is on TRF so he'll probably pick up on your messages... his customer service is excellent - don't worry

Have been on an extended Xmas break so only just now enjoying a browse through TRF and found this thread...

OK - latest batch of VMX-2 and VMX-12 are in and being assembled for packing and sending this week (w/c 10/01/05) so US dealers should have them next week.

Also a "select few" are getting the VMX-3 (All balsa R/C capable) pre-production kit for test/trial purposes, so it might be worth writing a nice email to your favourite dealer...

Plus, We are lobbying to get the FAI to run a Spaceplane competition class! This is still provisional at present but if there is enough interest and International FAI competitions flown in then it could become official! This will be open to all "Spaceplanes" ie rocket gliders that retain their motors but with a VMX kit you'll be off to a "flying" start! (sorry)

More - We are working on a new competition for all TRF members - maybe another design one (Spaceplane painting) or an endurance class, or even a kit bash (remember Sandman's XB-70?). Will be discussing with the moderators soon.

Oh, and our new website is almost finished - just the gallery to complete - would appreciate any comments!(www.orbitalengineering.net)

Thanks for your kind interest (and your kind help/comments you other guys), please post some pics of your VMX('s) when done.